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Jhunjhunwala Portfolio: Jhunjhunwala had bought shares of three new companies in the September quarter, capital increased by 126 crores in less than two months

Jhunjhunwala Portfolio india own warren buffet big bull rakesh jhunjhunwala gains massive with three stocks upside movementBig Bull Jhunjhunwala had included Canara Bank, Nalco and Indiabulls Real Estate in his portfolio last month.

Jhunjhunwala Portfolio: In the portfolio of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, a veteran investor called Warren Buffett of India, three new shares were added in the last quarter July-September 2021. These three stocks have increased Jhunjhunwala’s capital by about Rs 126 crore since the September quarter. The special thing is that in the two companies whose shares were included in the portfolio, there are two government companies.

Big Bull Jhunjhunwala had included Canara Bank, Nalco and Indiabulls Real Estate in his portfolio last month. After buying stake in all these three companies, their shares saw a spectacular rise and according to the holdings in the September 2021 quarter, the capital invested in the three companies has increased by Rs 126 crore in less than two months.

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NACLO gave a profit of 7.86 crores

  • Jhunjhunwala had 25 million equity shares of this company in the September 2021 quarter, which is equivalent to 1.36 percent stake in the company. For the first time, Jhunjhunwala’s name appeared in the company’s shareholding pattern as rules require the company to disclose in its quarterly filings those holdings of 1 per cent or more. LIC holds 1.1 per cent stake in NALCO.
  • Shares of NALCO closed at Rs 93.40 on 30 September, which on Monday closed at Rs 96.10 on NSE i.e. an increase of Rs 2.7 per share. Thus Jhunjhunwala’s investment in NALCO increased by Rs 6.75 crore

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Canara Bank jumps 22%

  • Jhunjhunwala’s portfolio earlier had stakes in Federal Bank and Karur Vysya Bank, but in the last quarter, he added another banking stock Canara Bank to his portfolio.
  • Jhunjhunwala had bought 2,88,50,000 equity shares of Canara Bank through a qualified institutional placement. According to the September quarter results of Canara Bank, he has 2,90,97,400 equity shares i.e. Jhunjhunwala holds 1.6 percent stake in the bank.
  • On the last trading day of the September quarter, Canara Bank closed at Rs 211.80 on NSE and on November 22 it closed at Rs 211.80. Thus in less than two months, it earned Big Bull around Rs 113 crore.

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Indiabulls Real Estate took advantage of the boom

  • Big Bull had also included Indiabulls Real Estate in its portfolio in the last quarter. Big Bull bought 5 million shares of it, which is equal to 1.10 percent stake in the company.
  • The shares of this company had closed on NSE on 30 September at a price of Rs 149.95, which closed on Monday 22 November at a price of Rs 162.10 i.e. it strengthened by Rs 12.15 per share. Thus in less than two months, India Bulls Real Estate made a profit of 6 crores to Big Bull.
    (Disclaimer: The information given here is based on the shareholding pattern available on BSE for the quarter September 2021. Investments in the market are subject to risks, so please consult your advisor before taking any decision regarding the same.)

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