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From New York to Tokyo, companies like Reliance and LIC will ring, Modi government is going to take this step

  • Government of India is going to make important changes in rules regarding dual listing
  • 7 countries to be listed, where companies will be listed on the stock exchanges

Indian companies these 7 countries may be listed in the stock market

There is a lot of relief news for big and startup companies of the country. In the coming days, Indian companies can be seen in the stock markets of other countries. Apart from Reliance, the name of LIC is also being taken. The government is currently focusing on the stock market of only 7 countries. For this, the Government of India will change its dual listing rules. After which the startup companies along with the big companies of the country will also be able to fulfill their desire to get listed in the stock markets of other countries. It also includes the name of Flipkart.

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Government agrees to change the rules

The Corporate Affairs Ministry and the Department of Economic Affairs have agreed to abolish or amend the dual listing rule. Under which any company can list in foreign markets to raise funds. The only condition will be that it will have to be listed in the stock market of India first. Before that no other company will be listed in foreign markets. After the expiry of this rule, any company can directly dive into the stock markets of those seven countries. These countries include countries like USA, UK, Japan, England etc.

Hongkank not included in the list

The 7 countries whose names are under consideration have not included Hong Kong’s stock market, while Asia’s most prominent stock market is included. The reason behind this has been cited as being on the border of China. Although the government has indicated to expand this list, but the performance of companies in these 7 countries will be seen first. According to the information, the International Financial Center located in Gujarat International Finance Tech City has a tieup with many stock markets abroad. This can also help Indian companies.

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