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How to Start Paper Glass Making Business Plan?

Currently, if you want to start your own business, then the paper glass business is a better option for you. The manufacturing of paper cups or glasses is also eco-friendly and health-friendly. Paper glass can be destroyed, unlike plastic glass cannot be destroyed. Which are also harmful to the environment and health. With the rapidly changing lifestyle, the use of paper glasses is increasing rapidly in tea, coffee shops, hotels, supermarkets, educational institutions, food canteens as well as in wedding parties. Because of this, you can think of doing this business.

Financial plan for paper glass making business

Before starting any business, it is necessary to plan for its success. Such as investment in the business, expenditure on employees, expenses on the marketing of the business, etc. A road map should be prepared for all planning so that there is no trouble in starting the business.

The raw material used for making paper glass

Raw materials such as wax or plastic as well as food-grade or poly-coated paper are used in making paper glass so that even if kept cold or hot in the glass, the glass can be easily caught.

Machinery and its cost for the business of making paper glass

Two types of machines are used for the manufacture of paper glasses, a fully automatic machine, which can manufacture 50 to 60 glasses in 1 minute, and its cost is 9,00,000 rupees, and the other semi-automatic machine. Automatic cut paper manufacturing machines can be bought from various vendors in India, the cost of which can be up to 5,50,000, although the price of the machine may vary from company to company.

Where to buy: To get the raw materials and machine of paper glass online, you can see this link-

Space requirement for starting paper glass making business

You can start this business with an electricity connection in 500 square feet of space. If your house is big and there is a lot of free space in your house then you can start this business from home also.

Process of manufacturing paper glass

Paper glass is manufactured in three stages:

  • In the first step, according to the size of the glass, cutting poly-coated paper is done in the machine, which is slightly wet, its round cone is formed.
  • In the second step, a round bottom of paper appears under the cone.
  • After that, in the third step, after the process of checking the glass, it gets collected in one place.

Paper Glass Packaging

Its packing and counting are done automatically through the fully automatic machine, after making glass in the semi-automatic machine, packing of glasses up to 100 numbers in long plastic prepared according to the size of the counting cup are done through workers.

The cost incurred in the business of making paper glass

In starting the business of paper glass, one can earn up to Rs 66 lakh by manufacturing 2.2 crore paper glasses with a cost of about 10 lakh to 15 lakh rupees.

Stuff Expenditure
place value May vary by city and location.
machine value Rs 5,50,000
employee expenses Rs 11,000
poly coated paper 80,000
paper printing expenses 1,60,000
Packing material 20,000
electricity and water Rs 2,650
On other expenses like telephone bills, repairs, transportation, stores etc. 14,500
Total expenditure 8,38,150

Cost Plan for Hiring Employees for Paper Glass Making Business

You will need some employees to start your glass business unit. This business can also be done with only three people, in which there can be a production manager, a skilled and an unskilled employee.

Loan Requirement for Paper Glass Making Business

The loan can also be obtained from the bank for startup businesses under various schemes. Under the Mudra loan scheme, loans up to Rs 10 lakh can be easily obtained from various banks or financial institutions without keeping any capital as collateral.

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Procurement of license for the business of making paper glass

It is necessary to register the business as a sole proprietorship company and obtain a legal license to conduct the business. For this, by contacting the local authority of the place from where you are going to do business, complete all the legal formalities. If you want to keep the supply of diesel generators as an alternative to power supply, then you will have to take special permission from the local district authority.

Marketing of paper glass making business

You can advertise your product through TV channels, newspapers and banners. Marketing of business through the net and social media is also very popular at present. For its marketing, you can join big companies like Coca-Cola, Pepsi etc. and sell your finished goods in bulk to them.

Profits in the business of making paper glass

The price of paper glass depends on its texture, size, etc., like if you make printed paper glass, then the cost of a glass of this can be around 60 paise, which you can sell in the market for Re 1 per glass. . If you make plain paper glass, then glass can cost 30 paise, which you can sell for 80 paise.

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