How to Start Blogging Business in India?

Start Blogging in just 7 steps

When it comes to online business, the name of Blogging is natural. At present, when in India too, the internet has spread from cities to rural areas. So the importance of online businesses has increased and when it comes to online businesses and that to businesses that can either be started free of cost or can be started by spending some money just to name a few. Among them, the name of Blogging Business is also Sarvopari.

But is it really easy and very cheap to start a blog? And will humans be able to earn so much money through blogging so that they can discharge the responsibilities that came in their life? Many such questions flare into the minds of those who are willing to do this kind of work. So the answer to these questions is that at present when various content management sites (CMS) like WordPress, Drupal etc. are available easily and for free, then someone who does not know coding etc. can easily create his blog Can. And it is also true that it can be started easily at very low cost or even for free.

Well, here we will have a conversation about starting Blogging Business through WordPress in which a person may need to spend 7-8 thousand rupees in a year including the expenses of hosting etc. And there is no limit as far as earning from blogging is concerned, it depends on the efforts and strategy of the blogger. But keep in mind if you want to start this kind of business only by earning money, then you may also fail. But if your clear intention is to provide some information, information etc. to the internet users which is useful to them then it is more likely to succeed.

What is Blogging?

If we talk about the word blog, its original meaning was real name weblog and it is a shortened form of its original name. The weblog initially allowed Internet users to enter their details in a diary style. Since blogs allow readers to comment, this trend became common and became popular in blog communities. And today Blogging refers to the writings, photography and other media that are published online. So it can be said that blogging is not one but a group of many skills which are required to operate and control a blog. This includes processes for writing, publishing, linking, sharing content, etc. on the Internet.

Why you should start blogging?

Do you want to inform or inform people on a subject like you want to share an idea or message with people? Do you want to build a community for some reason? Do you want to give updated information about your brand to people and your followers? Do you want to tell people how the product you offer will help them and why they should buy it? If you want to do any of the things mentioned above, then Blogging Business can be beneficial for you.

There are no two opinions about this. If you are clear in your blog’s intent from the beginning, then a blog can help you to inform, educate, promote and even sell. So it is important that if you want to start blogging seriously then what information or message do you want to give to people, that is, find out what is the purpose behind starting your blog. Here we are giving a list of some reasons why people like blogging.

  • People also like it to increase their writing and thinking skills.
  • To specialize in any one subject.
  • To build your confidence.
  • To network with others in the industry.
  • There are many ways to earn money from blogging.

Once an entrepreneur’s blog becomes prevalent, there are many ways to earn money from Blogging, whether the entrepreneur can do affiliate marketing or even sell the products of the direct manufacturer or company through his blog. Apart from this, money can also be earned by publishing Adsense and direct advertising.

According to a figure, about 61% of the customers are those who take information online before purchasing a product and only then buy the product. This is the reason that currently the importance of blogging has increased even more.

How to Start Blogging in India?

However, there is no doubt that in the list of online businesses, Blogging is a business that can be started after receiving very little investment and a few days of training. As far as training is concerned, the interested person must have complete knowledge of how to publish posts through WordPress etc. to start his blog.

However, to learn this kind of work, the entrepreneur does not need to spend any money etc. Rather, if there is a passion for learning, then this kind of work can be easily learned by reading online articles and watching videos with the help of internet. So let us know how many steps can a person take to start his blog.

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1. Select the ideal topic for your blog

Before you enter Blogging Business, the most important thing is that according to your knowledge and experience, select a topic for yourself. And also try to know what your target audience will be on that topic and how you will be able to make it more and more beneficial. Often new bloggers make the mistake that they start writing and giving information about various topics on their blog which harms their blog.

Therefore, the entrepreneur has to focus his attention on one topic only, so he is likely to get advertisements and sponsored posts by targeting a particular category later. Therefore, to decide which topic would be suitable for the entrepreneur, the entrepreneur can analyze his knowledge, skills, information and experience and select the topic on which he feels that he has the most and uniqueness. Can do for your blog.

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2. Select Blogging Platform

As we have also mentioned in the above sentence that currently such services are free on the internet. Using which a person who does not know computer coding language can also create his website or blog. This is to say that to start Blogging, there are some platforms available on the Internet that allow people to start their blog for free. Among them are Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr etc.

Through these, the entrepreneur can start his blog without any expense. But keep in mind that their control remains completely with these blogging companies. Whereas an entrepreneur may need to spend around 5-8 thousand rupees a year to set up a self-hosted blog. In this, the entrepreneur is required to purchase the domain name and website hosting and hosting.

Therefore, entrepreneurs wishing to start their blog will also have to choose the blogging platform on which platform they want to start blogging through. In our opinion, the entrepreneur should opt for a self-hosted WordPress blogging platform.

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3. Select the domain name according to the topic

Domain Name Specification What is the name of your blog or website? Because the domain name will be the name that people will know online. It does not matter which topic you have chosen to start blogging because that will be the unique address through which people will access your articles.

This domain will be yours as long as you keep paying it. But in choosing the domain name, the entrepreneur has to take special care that the domain name is not too long so that people have trouble remembering it and it is also very important to adapt to the domain name topic.

That is, if possible, the person should choose a domain name whose people should get an idea as soon as they hear about what the blog can be based on. Such as health, beauty, law, business, etc. are words which indicate what they can be about. And there are many companies selling domains such as Godaddy, Bigrock etc.

However, most web hosting companies also sell domains and often offer hosting as well as offering domains for free. So to save money, the entrepreneur can buy the domain name from the hosting company from which he is buying the hosting.

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4. Select Fast Web Hosting

Web hosting is a major contributor to the success and failure of Blogging Business, so after choosing the domain name, the entrepreneur must choose a fast and reliable web hosting. That is because the performance of your blog or website depends entirely on which web hosting you have chosen for your business.

A good host has to make his customers’ website available online seven days a week and twenty-four hours a day. Apart from this, the entrepreneur should choose a hosting company that is not only promising fast service on its own, but its customers are also claiming to be fast service in many review websites and video reviews.

Apart from this, the entrepreneur also has to keep in mind that which company is offering the facility like free domain registration with web hosting. In choosing a good and affordable web hosting, an entrepreneur has to consider many things. Whose list is not possible to be kept in this article, therefore, based on the above-mentioned things, if the entrepreneur chooses web hosting then it may be appropriate.

Currently, SSL certificate is also being given free of cost by Webhosting companies along with their popular plan. Well, some of the major web hosting companies include Blue Host, HostGator, A2 Hosting, Site ground etc. But to start blogging, it may be better to choose them based on their research, discretion, experience, etc.

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5. Install WordPress in Hosting Account

Although the work is done so far was quite easy and less technical, but now this work is such that if the person who wants to start blogging will not get the information and training online. So he will not understand what we are trying to say here when a person buys domain and Webhosting, then web hosting informs him through email, Cpanel Username, Password, Name server etc.

So that the person can take further steps towards starting a blog. A person then has to connect their domain to NameServers, initially, it propagates quickly while later it can take from twenty-four to forty-eight hours. When Nameservers is connected to the domain, then the person can install WordPress by logging in to their Cpanel. And you can also login to your WordPress account through the same username and password that you have filled up at the time of installation.

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6. Select the right theme for the blog

The thing to note here is that the design and layout of the blog will be the same as the theme used by the person who starts Blogging. However, many bloggers who know coding, etc., they design and layout by editing any theme as per their choice.

But a starting blogger can’t do all this on his own, so he can change the design and layout of his blog according to his mind with the help of a web developer. Or, there are thousands of free themes in WordPress that entrepreneurs can choose according to their choice.

Therefore, in the initial phase, the entrepreneur has to choose a free theme that matches the design and layout of his choice. Later, the entrepreneur can buy a favourite theme.

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7. Write content and promote the blog

By now the entrepreneur must have taken almost all the necessary steps to start his blogging business, so now his next step should be to write content for his blog. If the person can do this work on his own then it is better otherwise he will also get various authors writing good content on his topic, who will have to pay for writing it.

Our intention here is to write information or updates etc. about the topic on whose content it will be able to bring audiences to its blog. Keep in mind here that it is very important to have content original, ie the content should not be copy-pasted from anywhere.

Because no matter how good the design and layout of the website is, without the original and good content, it is not possible for people to come in and the entrepreneur can fail very quickly in this work.

So keep in mind that the first mantra of success in Blogging Business is original and quality content. As far as promoting a blog is concerned the entrepreneur can follow the following tips.

  • Tell your acquaintances and friends about your new blog and if they find the information in this blog useful, then tell them about it to others.
  • Submit your blog to Google Search Console.
  • Submit your blog to many bookmarking sites like, Reddit etc.
  • Be active in social networking and share your blog posts, create Facebook page etc. in the name of the blog.
  • Be active on other blogs or websites related to your topic and submit a link to your blog through comment box etc.
  • Write a guest post on the relevant blog and ask to publish the link of your blog there.
  • Run paid advertisements through Google Ad, Facebook etc.

How to earn money from blogging?

Soon after starting blogging, the entrepreneur’s blog does not become eligible to earn but to make it eligible for earning, the entrepreneur needs a lot of hard work and patience. This is to say that even if you publish any good information through your blog, but if people do not come to read that information then how can your blog make money?

To earn money from blogging, it is very important to have traffic on the blog, the more traffic will be there, the more options and opportunities an entrepreneur will have to earn. So forget blogging for at least six months or a year, that you will be able to earn something from it. Until the traffic starts coming to your blog, neither will you get any advertisements nor money to write any sponsored posts etc. Yes, it is important that according to the topic you will be able to add affiliate links to them.

Currently, Blogger’s popular source of earning is affiliate marketing, but also, many people consider Google Adsense as the primary source of Blogging’s revenue. There are many ways to earn from blogging, but everyone must have a certain amount of traffic on the blog.