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How To Start Bike Repairing Business? Know Details

Bike/motorcycles are used by people to handle their routine tasks, hence Bike Repairing Business can currently be seen as a highly profitable business. There is probably no need to explain the importance of vehicles in the current lifestyle as almost every person is well aware of their importance. Yes, in ancient times when horse carts, bullock carts etc. were used in rural areas to cover more distances and carry goods.

At present, motor and fuel-driven vehicles have not only reduced the distance but also made the life of human beings easier. Today vehicles of every category are available in every market for people of every income group, but motorcycles are still the most used for personal use. The bike is used in large quantities for employed people to come to their offices, deliver buys to their homes, and for many personal reasons. Therefore, in the present scenario, starting Bike Repairing Business can prove to be very beneficial for anyone.

By the way, bikes are much cheaper than vehicles, perhaps this is the reason that currently bikes can be seen with people of almost every income group. Apart from this, the number of people who like to work in radius ten to twelve kilometres from their place of residence is also increasing continuously. That is, they have to travel ten and twelve kilometers regularly to reach their office, due to these people also like to buy bikes for themselves. Overall, in today’s life, the need for bikes is visible to almost every human, even those who have vehicles etc. can also see bikes etc. That is because the bike can be carried out easily from anywhere in the jam and it is a great vehicle for a couple of rides.

This is to say that the expansion of roads in India is taking place at a very fast pace and people who were able to buy bikes etc. till now but their roads were not available there. They are also buying bikes today and thus the number of motorcycle users in India is increasing. This is the reason that today Bike Repairing Center is needed from place to place for their repair and maintenance. Before we give more detailed information on starting this kind of business, let us know what happens.

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What is Bike Repairing Center?

At present, any machinery, equipment, vehicle, etc., whatever it is, has been built by humans using many components. This is to say that many parts are used by auto engineers in making a vehicle, due to which they can do the work they want.

Therefore, a motorcycle can also do its job properly only when every small and big part works properly in it. Since the motorcycle has to run on the road, it requires service after a certain time in which the cleaning of parts from the engine oil to its parts is done. Apart from this, bike parts can be defective at any time, for this people need to fix them. And the place or shop where the service and repair of the bike are done is also known as the Bike Repairing Center.

How To Start Bike Repairing Business?

However, there is no doubt that the Bike Repairing Business can be started by anyone who can bear the cost of this business. But for those people who do not have some knowledge about bike parts or auto parts, is it right to start such a business? And will they be able to convert such a business into a profitable business? It is also natural to raise many other questions like this.

In our opinion, if a person who has proper knowledge of Bike Repairing and Maintenance starts this type of business then there is both opportunity and possibility to convert his business into a profitable business very quickly from an inexperienced person. Therefore, I would like to say that the person who does not even know about it, but if he wants to start this kind of business, then he must first try to get experience in this field. So let’s know how a person can start their bike repairing and service center.

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1. Confirm your decision

To start a Bike Repairing Business, an entrepreneur first needs to think seriously and only then make certain decisions. And also there are no two opinions that the entrepreneur will be able to take a firm decision only if he feels that the number of two-wheelers, bikes, scooty etc. is sufficient in the area he is targeting. That is, even if the entrepreneur’s shop is on the main road or the national highway, then the entrepreneur cannot start such a business keeping in mind the needs of the customers only on the way.

Because people who own bikes have their first habit that they want their motorcycles to be comfortable, they prefer to fix the bike from a bike repairing center available around their house and on a long journey Before leaving, you leave only after inspecting the condition and maintenance of your bike. Therefore, the entrepreneur should aim to do this type of business, usually targeting the local people and for this, the entrepreneur has to find out what is the number of two-wheelers, bikes, scooters etc. there. And where and how do their users like their repair and service? Only when the entrepreneur gets to know all these information will he be able to take this decision firmly.

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2. Learn the work of bike repairing

However, if the entrepreneur’s spending capacity and risk-taking ability are high, then he can start this business without even learning the task of bike repairing. Because the entrepreneur will have to appoint staff in every situation, but in this situation, one or two more staff may be required.

But before starting the Bike Repairing Business, it becomes very important for the entrepreneur to learn bike repairing so that he has complete control over his business. If the entrepreneur is not aware of the bike repairing then his staff may be negligent and complaints can come from the customers and the staff can manage to defend themselves by making any excuse.

Whereas if the entrepreneur himself is aware of this work, then he can direct his staff to work on their own. Therefore, the entrepreneur should learn the work of bike repairing before starting this kind of business, for this, the entrepreneur can work in a pre-workshop workshop etc.

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3. Select the location

Many things need to be kept in mind while choosing a location for Bike Repairing Center, the first thing that an entrepreneur must do is to find a place to start such a business on a major road. Or there are also some places which are famous for repairing vehicles, etc. That is why people prefer to go there for repairing their vehicles.

That is, it can be quite beneficial to see a place or shop in the local transport city etc. to start this kind of business. While choosing the place the entrepreneur also needs to keep in mind that he may also need to install big tools and compressors and also need to install a washing unit to wash the bike.

Apart from this, proper arrangement of parking etc. is also required for such motorcycles which cannot be repaired in a day so that they do not cause any harm or theft. So entrepreneurs should choose the location and location for their Bike Repairing center only after considering all these things. While renting a place or shop, make a rent agreement and lease agreement so that the document can be used as address proof.

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4. Manage the finance (Raise fund for Bike Repairing)

The cost incurred in the business depends on the size of the business, the tools and equipment to be purchased, the rent of the location, the salary of the employees appointed, etc. But if the entrepreneur is among the experts in this field, then he can start this business in the early stages with an investment of 3-5 lakhs.

In the initial phase, he could start this business by concentrating only on Bike Repairing, by focusing on selling bike accessories etc. Because of the entrepreneur concentrates on selling bike accessories in the early stages then he may need to invest a lot. And as far as the investment of 3-5 lakh rupees is concerned, the entrepreneur can manage it easily through his savings or friends, friends, family members etc.

Because in this, the entrepreneur has to name only those people who are willing to work for free or in the name of teaching work, because they are getting this kind of work to learn or very little salary. Be ready to work in.

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5. Buy Tools and Equipment

As far as tools and equipment are concerned, they are also easily available in local markets and online. It may require some large appliances such as compressors to fill the air, machines to install washing units, servicing platforms, etc. But small tools are required to start Bike Repairing Business more than big machines and equipment. Some of which are as follows.

  • Hand tools
  • Socket wrench with handles and extensions
  • Different types of wrench
  • screwdriver
  • Allen / hex bit socket
  • Impact Wrench or Driver
  • Hammer
  • Plastic or rubber hammer
  • Thin faced Plas
  • torque wrench
  • Tire pressure gauge
  • Motorcycle Toolbox Key Items
  • WD-40
  • Nitrile gloves
  • Mechanic gloves
  • Shop rag
  • Funnel
  • Zip ties
  • Loctite Threadlocker
  • Spare fuses
  • Penetrating oil
  • Chain lube
  • Mixed nylon and wire brushes
  • Grunge brush
  • Utility knife
  • Other accessories
  • Front/rear stand
  • Rolling stool
  • Work lamp with clamp
  • Magnetic Dish
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Breaker bar
  • Portable air compressor

Here we have mentioned only some of the major types of equipment and items, the entrepreneur starting the Bike Repairing Business can make the types of equipment and machines as part of his business as per his requirement.

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6. Appoint Staff

However, the appointment of staff depends on whether the entrepreneur wants to work as a mechanic or mechanic himself. Or he will take the responsibility of only the manager and marketing functions. If the entrepreneur wants to start a bike repairing business by acting as a mechanic himself, he needs two or three helpers.

The entrepreneur can find any people who want to learn this work themselves because the entrepreneur can also learn them and use them as a helper. But if the entrepreneur plans to start this work on a large scale, then he will have to appoint a mechanic, mechanic, helper etc.

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7. Marketing Your Business

If seen, in today’s era, if a person has to do his bike repairing, then he must search the Internet once. Whether there is a good bike repair centre near him or not. So presently the entrepreneur starting such a business needs to do marketing not only through posters, banners, pamphlets etc. Rather, the entrepreneur needs to develop a website of his own and every information related to his business and service needs to be mentioned in it.

Apart from this, to make contact with the customer entrepreneur, he also has to create a page called Contact Us on that website. And it requires giving the address of phone number, address, email id, Facebook page etc. So that the customer can contact the entrepreneur using any means at his convenience.

Apart from this, the entrepreneur should not forget that marketing of such work happens when people start processing their work. Therefore, the entrepreneur should do the service and repair work at reasonable rates with satisfaction and honesty. If the entrepreneur doing Bike Repairing Business can provide his customers with the facility to pick and drop the bike from home.

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