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How To Start a Papad Making Business?

Even if you are unaware of Papad Making Business but you will all be well aware of Papad yes it is a very famous Indian wafer. And it is not only used in events such as weddings, weddings and parties, but its presence can be easily seen in almost every household.

Apart from this, in hotels, Dhabas, restaurants etc., it is sold in many forms like plain papad, masala papad, fry papad etc. It is natural to find papad in the homes of people who are fond of eating and drinking. As it is made using dry pulses. Therefore, it can be eaten easily by roasting and frying. This type of papad is available in many flavours in the market as per the requirement of the customers.

To make papad of any such flavour, the first dough is required to be made, and this dough already contains chillies, salt, spices etc. Peanut oil may also need to be mixed in it. Baking soda is also used in Papad Making Business. In this, firstly, the pulse of which is to be made papad is grinded and the form of flour is provided. And then the dough is made into dough and it is rolled and shaped like bread. They can then be dried with the help of a dry machine or in the sun and can be packed and sent for sale in the markets.

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What is the business of making papad?

If we talk about papad, it is an Indian wafer-like thin roti which can also be seen as a flatbread. Papad is usually made from powdered flour of dried pulses and people like to fry or roast it. However, there is no doubt that the basic structure of papad differs from the bread made from other grains of flour. This type of papad is commonly used in homes, but in hotels, Dhabas, restaurants, etc., they are used extensively in many forms.

Therefore, when the work of making papad is done commercially by an entrepreneur, it is called Papad Making Business. Papad in India contributes significantly to every type of food, it is served with snacks, chaats and main meals. These papads can be mainly divided into two parts: North Indian Papad and South Indian Papad. These different shapes are sold in the market by texture and name. Among them, mini papad, big papad, roasted papad, Khakra etc. are the main ones.

Uses of Papad

Some of the major uses of papad are listed below.

  • Papad is mostly used with drinks and mocktails, masala papad etc. is an example of this.
  • Papad is usually served with any meal in India.
  • Papad can be eaten as a starter or snack item.
  • Fried, roasted, open-flame papad and oven-made papad are some of its best varieties that are used to the maximum.
  • Papad ki vegetable or papad curry is a major dish of Rajasthan.
  • Eating papad can be enjoyed with chutney, pickle, sauce etc.
  • Customer can buy any papad as per his choice like Punjabi Masala, Urad Dal, Moong Lentils, asafoetida, black pepper, green chillies, red chillies, cumin, garlic, ginger, cardamom, cloves and cinnamon, etc.
  • Since it is believed that papad enhances the taste of food, people often like to eat papad with lentils and rice.

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How to Start Papad Making Business in India

Starting a Papad Making Business is an extremely easy process, the entrepreneur can easily start it without any machine. This is why the entrepreneur does not even need to invest a lot in starting this kind of business. If the entrepreneur wishes, he can start this type of business from his home also. And this business can be a great business for women entrepreneurs. So let’s know how any interested man or woman can start this kind of business.

1. Decide from home or outside

Papad Making Business is one of the business to be started with very little investment, so the entrepreneur can start this business from his home as well. It is required to take this business that he wants to start this business from his home or by renting a shop or place outside. If the entrepreneur is planning to appoint some women as his employees, then he should start this type of business only by taking a rental shop outside.

Because that place can also be used as the address of the business through entrepreneur rent agreement, lease agreement etc. And keep in mind that the entrepreneur may need a suitable place to install papad making machinery and equipment, drying the papad, etc.

Therefore, the entrepreneur needs to choose the shop or place on the same basis. Since Papad Making Business is a food-related business, the entrepreneur may also need to apply for a food license. Till the turnover of the entrepreneur increases, he can apply for this type of license online also by paying a fee of only one hundred two hundred rupees.

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2. Decide on machinery or manual

As we have already said that Papad Making Business can be made easily without the use of machinery. But in this, both the capacity and speed of production can be much less than machine production. So it depends on the entrepreneur whether he likes to make papad without a machine or not.

But when the entrepreneur will not have any more customers in the initial phase, then he may have to do production in limited quantity which he can do manually ie without the machine. But when the demand for the papal of the entrepreneur starts increasing in the market and it is difficult to meet that demand by producing it manually, then the entrepreneur can buy a semi-automatic, automatic machine.

Therefore, before starting this business it is also very important for the entrepreneur to decide whether he wants to manufacture papad through machines or manually. As far as machinery is concerned in Papad Making Business, its list is as follows.

  • Automatic Papad Making Machine
  • Floor sleeping machine
  • Flat Sheet Making Machine
  • Papad Sheeter
  • Cutter machine
  • Electric dryer
  • Sealing machine
  • Table, chair, rack etc.

The list of essential raw materials is as follows.

  • Rice Powder
  • Different types of lentils like urad gram, etc.
  • Spices like salt, chilli etc.
  • Eating oil
  • Caustic soda
  • Packing material

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3. Engage local women at work

An entrepreneur starting Papad Making Business must keep in mind that women can do papad making with more efficiency than men. And these women can also be available for work at cheaper rates to the entrepreneur, so it would be appropriate to hire the entrepreneur to give employment to local women.

In the early stages, the entrepreneur can start by hiring some women and fulfill the obligation to employ more women when his business starts running. If the entrepreneur wishes, he can register his business in the industry base so that he too can get the benefit of government incentives.

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4. Start Papad making and sell

Generally, when a person has to buy papad, he/she tends towards the grocery store available in that particular area ie grocery store. Therefore the entrepreneur should try to sell his product in all the groceries available in that particular place.

For this, the entrepreneur doing Papad Making Business is required to make many plans and strategies to attract the owners of grocery stores. The entrepreneur can offer them more revenue or gift items etc. on certain purchases. Apart from this, the entrepreneur can contact the hotel Dhabas, restaurants etc. and sell their products to them.

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