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How to start a grain business?


Know how to start a grain business – India is an agricultural country. 70% of India’s population is engaged in agriculture. Agriculture is the main occupation of the people in the village. India’s farming is based on the monsoon. If the monsoon is good then farming is also good. Many types of grains are produced in India such as wheat, rice, pulses etc. The state of Uttar Pradesh, India, is the largest producer of wheat.

Only 2% of the wheat is exported to foreign countries, 98% remains inside India. Wheat and rice are the grains that people like to eat the most. Pulses are the most needed home of the people of India. People like to eat pulses more. Many types of pulses are grown in India like Urad Dal, Rajmaha, Moong, Masoor, Arhar, Chana Dal etc. The grain is one of the great needs of man.

Without food grains, humans cannot survive. If a person wants to do grain business, then he gets more benefit in it. No matter what happens, the business of grain is such a business that never stops, because without grains a human can’t live.

A human being can live without other things. But not without grains. When we start any business, there are some problems with it. Have to work hard. Failure has to be accepted at times. Grain business is the best business. Whether one is rich or poor all need food grains to survive.

Before starting a grain business, we need to keep many things in mind.

1. Choose the right place for business

The first place to start a business is chosen. To start a business from home or to buy a different place somewhere. We need a warehouse to start a business. We should build a warehouse in such a place where vehicles can come easily. There should be no problem in bringing and carrying grains.

2. be financially strong

A lot of money is required to start a business. Sometimes in business, there is a loss rather than profit. We also need buildings, land, machinery, furniture etc. for business. Therefore, to start a business, the first person must have the money.

3. Direct contact with farmers

If we want to do the business of grain, then we should contact farmers directly. Farmers will give us grain at cheap prices and we can earn profits by selling it at a higher price.

4. GST registration and license required

We also need a GST number to do the business of food grains. There is no GST on open lentils and unopened flower. 5% GST is levied on selling good quality lentils and branded flour. The business of food grains is related to food, so it is also necessary for the seller of food grains to get a food license, besides it is also necessary to get a trade license from the municipal corporation, municipality, etc.

5. Proper arrangement of grain storage

Before starting a grain business, it should be kept in mind whether there is enough space to store grains or not. This requires a large warehouse. The size of the warehouse should be large. In India, the farmer works hard, grains are also abundant, but due to the farmers not being open, many times it gets spoiled due to rain, which causes a lot of damage to the farmers.

6. attention to cleanliness

There should be proper arrangement of grain. Care of cleanliness It is very important to take care of permanent in the grain warehouse. The grains should be stored well in sacks. Rats are the biggest enemy of grains. If the rats do not take care of cleaning there, then the rats spoil the grains, which causes damage to the grains.

7. Computer Information

Nowadays, it is the age of computers. If you know about computers, then you can also increase the business of food grains through computers. On the computer, you can promote your business by creating a separate website of your business under your name. Dealers can talk to you about online business. Nowadays payment is made online only, due to which you will not have much trouble. You can enter your business information online.

8. Knowledge of grain consumption

Before starting a grain business, you should know where most food grains are consumed. One can go to any hotel or restaurant to find out how much grain they need. You can offer directly by going to the hotel so that they buy food grains from you. If they are given the facility of delivery, then they will be ready such that you are delivering the food to their hotel itself.

Benefits of food grains business

1. The grain is most important for every person. Everyone has to buy whether Mahanar is cheap or expensive. Therefore, there is no profit in this business, there is no scope of eating.

2. We can earn profits by buying grain directly from farmers at a lower price and selling it at a higher price.

3. Grain business can be done in both urban and rural areas.

4. Grain business is a business that can be run even in emergencies. Even if all the shops are closed, the supply of food grains continues because the food grains are very important for living.

5. Grain business is such an easy business that not only men but women can also do it. This gives women a means of employment and they become self-sufficient.

6. It does not require much money to start a grain business. It can also be started at a low cost. For this, cow seed is required where the grains can be stored properly and stored.

Therefore We can say that the grain business is very good. Wheat and rice, millet, pulses, etc., any type of grain is used in every household. There is no scope for the closure of this business. But whenever the prices go up, there is a slight decrease in this business. Still, this business continues for 365 days of the year.

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