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How To Earn Money By Doing Business With Ola?

There are many online transport network companies in the market through which cab booking is done. You can also start its business by joining some such cab companies. This will also earn you a good amount of money and you will also get a lot of benefit from doing this business because nowadays everyone booking a taxi or cab online. Due to which demand is very high.

What Is The Business of Ola Cab?

There are many cab companies in India, among them the most famous at this time are Ola. Ola is an Indian online transportation network company, managed by ANI Technology Private Limited. The company has its headquarters in Bangalore but has branches across India. The regional offices of Ola are in all the cities from where they operate it. Currently, Ola operates in 103 cities in India. And all these cities have regional offices. Hence, a lot of people have been attracted to Ola and are using it as a means of transportation in and out of their cities.

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Ola Cab Business Plan 2020

Before starting the Ola cab business, you should decide what kind of business you want to start in it. That is, let us tell you that you can do Ola cab business in 3 ways which are as follows –

Drive Your Car: – If you own your car and want to earn some money from it, then drive your car and connect it with a transport networking company like Ola. And provide this service to customers.
Placing a driver in your car: – In such a situation that when you own a car and you want to earn extra profit by renting your car, then this business is also very good for this. In this, you have to stash your car with Ola and give a driver in it. Because Ola company does not provide driver facility. In this way, engaging with this business is called a fleet operator or non-driving partner.
Driver with a partner: – This means that if you know how to drive a car, but you do not have your car. Even then you should not be worried, because in such a situation Ola company will provide you the facility to take a car on lease. That is, you can go to the company and lease a car for yourself and serve the customers. In return, you have to pay some commission to Ola company.

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Ola Cab Business Benefits

If you start Ola cab business in any of the above ways, then tell you that it is going to benefit you a lot, which we are giving you here –

  • If the driver has any type of problem while doing this business, then the call center has been provided seven days a week and 24 hours for this.
  • Along with this, you have been given complete freedom to work in it according to which place you want to go and give this service.
  • From this trade, you can get a profit of at least 1 to 3 lakh rupees per month.
  • The customer, who will pay you by joining Ola, will get it immediately after providing the service. For this, you do not have to go to them, again and again, to get paid.
  • The process of making payment in this is very easy and there is also transparency in it. So there is no question of cheating in it.


Documents Required To Start a Business With Ola Cabs

Before starting any business, some documents are required for its registration. For this business, you should have 3 categories of documents, the information of which is –

As a driver: – When you register your car with Ola and give a driver for it, then for that the commercial driving license of the driver which will be a yellow plate, proof of identity (Aadhaar card) as well Along with permanent and current address proof, documents, etc. will be required.
As the owner of a car: – If you are starting this business with your car, for this you will need your PAN card and Aadhaar card, bank passbook or bank statement and cancellated check for your bank account information and your Permanent and current address certificate, etc. will be required.
Car related documents: – You have to show the documents related to your car at the time of registration for Ola. For this, you need to have RC copy of your car, permit, and insurance of the car, pollution certificate as well as proof of fit of your car and a photograph, etc.

How To Attach Your Car With Ola Cab?

With Ola cab, you can attach your car in 2 ways which are explained based on the following points –

Offline Process For Ola Cab Registration

  • To start Ola cab business, you have to attach your car to Ola, for this, you must first take all your documents and your car to the Regional Office of Ola Cabs near you.
  • There you will get an application form, fill it and add a copy of all your necessary documents along with it and submit the form to the same office.
  • After this, all your documents will be checked by the staff of Ola cab office and your car will also be checked whether it is in better condition or not.
  • After everything is verified, the staff of Ola will give you information about its app and all the guidelines related to it and also you will be given complete training for it.
  • After the training is complete, you will be signed with it for the trade contract.
    For this business you will have to have a current bank account, if you do not have this account then you must open it.
  • After the contract is signed, the company will provide you with a device, in which you will receive the booking of customers. That device will be a smartphone, which will be for your Ola service only.
    In this way, you can connect with Ola company offline and earn money.

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Online Process

  • You can also apply online from home to join with Ola company. For this, you have to go to the official website of Ola.
  • After reaching this website, you will get its registration form, in which you will have to submit all the information related to you and your car and submit it.
  • When your form is submitted, after that you will get an update by Ola. In which you will be provided a date to go to that office with your car and documents.
  • On that day you can go to that office and verify all your documents and cars. After that, we have given you the information in the offline process given above.

We have given you this information above, how you can attach your car to it, but when you are thinking of starting this business like a fleet operator, then you need to have the following information –

  • The process of registering in Ola as a fleet operator is similar to the procedure given above. In this, you have to attach all the relevant documents of your, your driver and your car during registration.
  • If you do not have a driver, Ola will help you find a driver but Ola will not give you any guarantee that they can provide you a driver.
  • In Ola, you have submitted your registration form once and it has been verified, after that, both you and your driver are given information about the app by the Ola staff like a fleet operator.
  • After this, you have to open a current bank account. You have to manage your driver’s salary yourself as all Ola payments. Only you can manage it. This will be your single operator account.
  • After all the above-mentioned procedures are completed, you are now ready to operate your fleet, and with this, your Ola cab business will also start.

How To Join Ola Cab By Leasing a Car or as a Driver


You have been given this information till now, how you can connect with your car in Ola. But you can do this business even without a car, if you want to do business with a car on a lease, then for this, consider the following information –

  • You have to adopt the procedure of applying given above. But for leasing a car, you have to deposit a verification fee of Rs 4000, which you will not get back.
  • Apart from this, you have to pay a security fee of between 21 thousand to 31 thousand rupees, which you will get back later. This fee will depend on which car you are leasing.
  • With this, you have to pay from 700 rupees to 1,150 rupees daily, which will depend on what kind of car you have leased. This will be automatically deducted from your total earnings, and the rest will be put in your account.
  • After verification of all your submitted documents and after depositing your security fee, you will be leased the car, along with complete training about the app.
  • The leased car will be registered under the company’s name ‘Ola Fleet Technologies’.
    In this way, you can easily do this business by taking a car on lease.

How To Attach Bike in Ola Cab?

If you are thinking about connecting the bike with Ola in place of your car, then let us know that you can do the same with Ola. Yes, for this, all you have to do is to choose the name of the bike and your city in the type of vehicle, and all the other procedure is same as the registration process given above. And in this way, your bike can also be attached to Ola which you can trade.

Ola Cab Business Car Selection

In Ola, you can select a car based on the different category of the car and attach it to the business –

Ola Mini or Micro: – If you have cars like Indica, Maruti Suzuki Ritz, Wagon-R, Celerio, Vista, Micra, Vibe, then these cars will fall in the categories of Ola Mini or Micro Car.
Ola sedan: – Instead of this, if you take cars like Swift Dzire, Maruti Swift Dzire, etc., then it will fall in the sedan category.
Ola Prime: – Apart from this, there is also a prime category of Ola which includes cars like Toyota Innova, Mahindra XUV, Ertiga.
Apart from these categories of Ola, there are some other categories like Ola Auto, in this, you can attach your auto rickshaw. Ola Share is the category in which you share your car with another cab. Ola Rental, in which you do this business by giving a car on rent. Along with this, Ola Luxury, Ola Outstation, and Ola Shuttle are also some categories. All these things are given to you by the OLA staff during registration.

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How Much Earning from Ola Cab?

How much you have earned in Ola, it can be decided by the fact that by booking how much you have booked with your car. Because on completion of a ride, the company receives 15 to 20 percent commission from your total earnings. It is calculated by Ola app itself. You can earn with different Ola category car as follows –

  • If you do business with Ola sedan class cars and make 5 to 15 bookings in a day, you can earn around 1700 to 9000 rupees.
  • If you join it with Ola Prime class cars and make 5 to 15 bookings then you can earn from 1800 to 10,000 rupees.
  • Apart from this, if you are doing Ola business with micro or mini category cars, then you can take up to 50 bookings in a day and this can earn you up to Rs 35,000 a week.

Ola company receiving commission also gives you some bonus in exchange for a commission, if you take booking during a peak time like 12 am to 2 pm and 2 pm to 12 pm, then this is given to you by the bonus company is. We are giving you some information here –

Booking At Minimum Peak Time Booking Bonus Taken By You
5 5 1700
7 7 2400
0 10 2900
0 13 3900
0 16 4900
0 18 6400

Note: – These bonuses can go up and down over time, you will get to know how much bonus you have to get when you attach your car with Ola.

Ola Cab Contact Details

The main office contact number (STD) – 3355-3355 is to contact Ola cab company. Apart from this, you can also email for Ola cab at atsupport@olacabs.com. The toll-free helpline number of the Ola Cab Company is 18004193535.

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Some Important Information Related To Ola Cab Business

  • In the Ola cab business, no limit has been set that you can do business with a new car, you can do this business in an old car. The only condition is that the condition of your car should be better.
  • You will be given a mobile phone by the Ola company and an internet connection will also be provided, for that the company can charge a fee of Rs 50 and 1% TDS from your account.
  • You can collect additional charges like toll tax, parking charge and state tax from your customers as it is not included in the billing charge.
  • When you register to start Ola cab business, you do not have to pay any fee for that process. And it may take you 3 to 3½ hours maximum.


Q: How much can you earn per month by doing Ola cab business?

Ans: If you give 10 to 12 hours of cab service in a day, then you will earn at least 50 thousand rupees per month. There is no monthly salary fixed.

Q: What should be the qualification of a driver?

Ans: In Ola cab business, the driver must have at least matriculation.

Q: Can we start an Ola cab business without a driver?

Ans: No, you do a business of Ola cab in any way, you must have a driver.

Q: Can we put our car in Ula as well as Uber.

Ans: If you attach your car to Ola then you can attach it to Uber also.

Q: When you lease a car in Ola cab business, who owns it?

Ans: When you take a car on lease from Ola company for Ola cab business, till you fill up its installments, register in the name of the company and as soon as you pay the installment, then the company will take that car in your name. Will do it.

Q: Which category of car is most beneficial?

Ans: It can tell only those who are doing Ola cab business and who is running it, although we have heard from some people that sedan is most beneficial. You can buy any vehicle in the sedan category.

Q: Can cars be attached in more than one category?

Ans: There are some cars which fall into a higher category. So you can attach such vehicles in more than one category. This will increase your booking number. Because whenever the sedan booking is low, you can take a mini booking in a sedan car. And you will get paid based on Ola Mini category.

Q: How do I get paid?

Ans: After the completion of one day’s ride, the amount you earn will be transferred to your bank account within 2 working days.

Q: How can we see how much we have earned?

Ans: There is also a driver app available for you, on which you can check your earnings.

Q: Where can we find good drivers for Ola cab business?

Ans: Finding a good driver is hard work. But Ola Company can help you find a driver without guaranteeing you. By the way, you can search for a driver in small cities, because there you can find good drivers with low wages.

Q: Can we have two drivers for the same car?

Ans: Yes, you can easily keep 2 drivers for the same car. You can get more benefit from this because with this you will be able to cover a wider time frame. For this, you have to set different times for both drivers.

Q: How can we get a commercial license for your car?

Ans: You need a commercial license to do Ola business. You do not have to worry about this because the Ola cab company guides you in following all the steps so that you can get a commercial license soon and you can join with Ola.

Q: How do companies train drivers in Ola cab business?

Ans: All transactions and cab bookings are done through the Ola app on your smartphone. The company gives complete information to the drivers about how it happens. Along with this, drivers are also taught to use Google Maps. So that they can reach the right place. Apart from this, proper etiquette to the drivers is also taught by the company. So that they get good ratings and in return, they get more bookings in the future.

Q: Does the taxi app business have a future?

Ans: There is no doubt about it. There is plenty of competition for quick and cheap transportation. In this case, Ola is a better option. Because in today’s time people prefer to ride more comfortable AC car instead of a less comfortable auto rickshaw. Hence the demand for taxi app is high. So you should not worry, because this business can give you a bright future.

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