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How To Create Website or Start a Blogging Business?

Nowadays blogging seems like a very familiar or much-heard word, but very few people know its real meaning. When you write on a subject, it is called blogging, during this time you share your existing knowledge on a subject with other people. Have you ever noticed that when you put any of your questions or problems on Google, how does Google respond to you, does Google know everything ?? Actually, through these various blogs and websites, Google gives you a solution to your problem. Even now you have any questions about this business like how to start it, how much profit can be made, how much will be invested in it and how much will you have to write in a day. We answer your questions through our article.

Online Blogging Business Benefit

Although the most important objective of any business is to earn money, if you choose to blog as your profit, then you get many more benefits in it, which is as follows –

You can make your hobby your business and improve your talent – if you are fond of writing, then this business is for you. You have to write every day on this new topic. With this, your writing talent will also improve with new experiences every day.

Your knowledge will increase – When you write on a new topic every day, you will also have to research them, this will also increase your knowledge.

Freedom to work at your chosen time – If you work outside any other office, then you will have to work on time according to them. But here you can work by choosing your own time.

No tension of the boss – When you work with someone else, you have to work under him, we’re to believe him. But here you own your own will, you write what you think is right. Therefore you can work tension free.

You can become a good researcher – When you think about a new subject daily, read it, gather information about it, then you will also become a habit of doing research and you will become a good researcher.

Your creativity will increase – this will be your business of choice, and you will make new efforts every day for success in this, it will also increase your creativity and you will get success from this creativity.

You will be able to share your knowledge and your experiences – We know that as sharing grows, in this business you have to share your knowledge and experiences with others on a common platform. This helps other people also.

You will learn how to make money – Most people come to the market with only one blog according to their interest, but when they get experience, then they start working on other topics as well. You learn things you should do from your original blog, what should not be done, what should be your marketing strategy, etc. and you can earn money by applying all these in your other blog. Thus this business has many advantages.

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Decide The Type of Your Website And Make a Website For Free

There are many platforms available for blogging nowadays, some of these major blogging platforms are WordPress (WordPress), Blogger, Tumblr, and WordPress Self Hosted, Pad (WordPress self-hosted), etc. You can create a blog for free in any of these platforms, but by creating a blog in it, it also adds your domain name to your site name. If you want to get your domain of choice, then you will have to spend some money too.

Best Blogging Platform

Most blogs are made on WordPress, it is easy to work on, apart from this, other options like themes and plugging are also available. Due to these options, your site starts to look attractive and people are drawn towards you.

Domain Registration

If you want to register your domain, then you must first take the name of your domain address, ie the name of your web site. You should keep your domain name related to your topic. If you do not do this, you may face problems related to search engine optimization. You have to buy your domain, on many sites you can also get a domain offer for your first year, you will have to search for it.

Web Hosting

You also need a good web hosting for blogging. When you choose a web hosting for yourself, you should keep in mind that your web hosting is reliable so that your data is safe, your server speed is good, you get good bandwidth and disk space, you get the backup facility, this user Be easy to do. Keeping these things in mind, you will be able to choose the right web hosting for you. You also have many good options in India, from which you can buy hostings, such as Godaddy and Hostgator.


In this trade, you can estimate how much money you may have to spend with the following expenses.

• First of all, you may have to spend from Rs 200 to Rs 1000 for registration of your domain.

• After this, you will have to spend around 400-500 rupees a month for web hosting, but any company offers a year-round plan of web hosting, so you can consider your first investment in it from 4000 to 5000.

• After this, if you take a theme on your page as you wish, then you also need money in it. In this, you can buy themes by spending 3000 to 4000 rupees according to your budget.

In this way, you may have to spend about 10 to 12 thousand for your blog in the beginning.

Required Skills for Online Blogging Business

To make any business successful, you have to have some special abilities, in the same way for success in this business, you also have to have some special abilities which are like this-

Confidence and Patience – Although this is not a qualification, to be a successful blogger, you must have confidence and patience. When you start a blogging site, it takes at least 6 months or 1 year to respond, sometimes it takes even more time, so you have to be patient at this time and be fully Is required to work with.

The Art of Writing – Blogging is a business based solely on your art of writing, for this, your handwriting should be easy to read and easy to understand. Your words should be revealed in your written words. And if you do not have the art of writing, then this business is not for you.

Photo Editing – If you also put photos with the blogs you have written, then your blogs become more attractive. Sometimes you can also express your sentiments through a good photo. When a visitor visits your site or blog, a good photo attracts him. Therefore, to make a good photo, you must know tools like photoshop or adapt the design.

CSS and HTML – In addition to blogging, you must also know computer coding and language. For this, it is not necessary to be a good programmer, you must have the basic knowledge.

Networking – Networking is an important part of blogging, through this you can bring a good and very large amount of traffic to your blog. You can make a good network for yourself when you are available everywhere and keep it from the people around you. Try to keep in touch with people every day, try to know what is going on in their mind. You can try to increase your networking for this business like being active on social media or joining the blogging community.

Marketing Skills – Here we mean e-marketing by marketing skills which includes e-promotion and e-selling. Blogging is an online business and every business requires marketing. If a blogger has good marketing skills, he can promote his blog well and attract more traffic.

Interaction Skills – Blogging has always been a two-way communication business. In this, you have to keep in touch with your readers, you should read their comments daily and reply to them. Apart from this, you should try to get in touch with other bloggers too. You should comment on their post.

Self-discipline – If you want to become a successful blogger, then it is very important to have discipline in your work and way of working. Whether you are a part-time blogger or flower time, you should set a time for all your work, type of your blog, also decide the time for research and editing on any topic. Because if your time is not fixed, you will be lazy and none of your work will be done on time and you will fall behind.

Hard Work – There is no doubt that you need to work hard to become a successful blogger or succeed in any mode in life, there is no easy way for this. Mainly if you are a part-time blogger, then you will need to work hard because in such a situation you will have to give time in your daily job, then you will have to take time for blogging. Only the hard work you do can make you successful.

The Art of Reading The Minds of Others – It is very difficult to read the minds of people. But you have to know what’s on their mind? What information do they want from you? What is the topic of his interest? If a visitor reads your article and finds it interesting, then he does not leave your page without reading your article and he also becomes your regular reader.

SEO – Finally, what we are telling you about is the most important thing for this business. If you want to see your article at the top of the search results and want to bring good traffic to your site, then you must know about SEO means search engine optimization. This is a very important thing for any blogger, but you do not need to be afraid of it. It is not any rocket signs. You can also learn it online and use it to make your blog successful.

Follow Other Professional Bloggers – To stay updated in your business, you must follow other professional bloggers. With this, you will get knowledge of new things and you can use them in your blog too.

Thus, if you have a passion for writing, then this is a better business for you, but for this, you need to keep in mind that you need to maintain your continuity. For this, you will have to spend many hours of your day in front of your laptop, you also have to be ready to learn new things. If you are ready for all these situations, then only you think about this business or else the money you put in starting it and your initial hard work will be wasted.

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