How To Become Famous? 6 Smart Ways To Become Famous

6 Smart Ways To Become Famous

How to be Famous: This Universe has made Humans quite complex in each of its living creations.

Today, even though we humans are engaged in exploring space, the truth is that today we humans have not been able to know ourselves at the deep level, we have not been able to understand.

We have not been able to decode the coding of our body, the coding of our mind, to date.

We humans have feelings (emotions), curiosity and, most importantly, we also have desires.

Along with all this, there is another Mindset inside us, whose software works in such a way that we humans want to be highlighted among our kind.

We want people to talk about us, discuss us. Let the entire series of discussion be turned on. May our name be everywhere.

We want to gain people’s attention, everyone talks together, we all want to be popular, want to be famous.

Most of us think how to be popular? How to be Famous? This idea somehow comes to everyone’s mind at some time or the other. Today we too are going to talk on this topic.

Being popular is the inner voice of every human being. And whenever we see a famous person (Attous) from a common man’s perspective, then there is a desire in our mind that I wish! Would we have the following fan?

Hopefully! We also get so much public attention. And when something happens to us, then millions of people pray for our safety too. All these things come in the mind of a man who is a normal person.

Here one thing should also be understood that –

Why do we want to be popular?

According to a study conducted in 2012, the perspective and the region are different for all those who wish to be popular.

Some people want to be popular for someone reason, some people want to be famous for many reasons.

John Maltby has found in his study that on these major basis people want to be popular or famous due to 6 reasons –

1- Some people think that after becoming famous if they become popular, very few matters will matter to us.

2- Some people feel that if they become famous, then they will get rid of the problems that are presently for us.

3- Some people want to be popular to become rich.

4- Some people want to be famous with the idea that whatever they want will be easy for them.

5- Some people also hustle to be famous.

6- Some people want to be famous to contribute to society.

Now, let us come to our basic question on how to become popular. (How to be Popular) How do we become famous? (How to be Famous)

In today’s digital age, being popular or famous is not a big deal. Now it has become very easy to be popular.

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Ways to How to be Famous

Now, let us know about the way of being popular. Please read carefully the ways of becoming famous (Ways to be Famous) and apply them in your life and become famous: –

1- Become a good blogger

Many people have gained name and fame by blogging. There is still a lot of potential in blogging, by which we can also be famous.

Many people in this field started with Blogging, but now they can also do Digital Marketing well.

At the same time, he also became a social media influencer. His followings also increased and he also became famous.

Neil Patel, Digital Deepak, Digital Pratik, Amit Agarwal, Harsh Agarwal, Ankur Agarwal, Satish Kushwaha and many other names that have become famous today.

Many bloggers earn millions of rupees every month, as well as are very popular both at home and abroad.

This is just to give you confidence, otherwise, there is no shortage of names in this field.

If you also want to be popular, you can also try blogging.

If you want to get famous by blogging for free (Be Famous) then you can create your blog here – “Blogger”

2- Become a good YouTuber

Ever since Reliance launched its 4G network in India, the craze of the video has increased a lot among people. People are now preferring to watch videos for information.

If you influence people, teach people good things, or tell them. Or if you do comedy well, or laugh, then you can upload a video on YouTube by making a video of it.

You can earn a lot of money on YouTube as well as being famous.

You can see the names of some YouTubers here: –

In the field of comedy, Amit Raising, Harsh Beniwal, Ashish Chanchalani etc. are all famous persons.

Sandip Maheshwari, Vivek Bindra, Ujjwal Patni, Himesh Madan, etc. are very popular persons in Motivational videos.

Thus, there are many names which are quite popular in this YouTube field.

If you also want to become a You Tuber to be famous, you can create your account here – “YouTube”

3- Increase your followers on social site

Apart from blogging and YouTube, there are many other sites in which you can become famous by connecting with people by getting engagements.

Whether being famous on Facebook or Instagram, being popular on Twitter or Quora, we can find a good audience everywhere, which can be turned into followers.

We can see here Maithili Thakur, who is quite young but has tasted a unique taste of popularity in this age.

She started her journey with Facebook Live, she used to come live and sing songs, herself also played the harmonium and both her brothers also helped in this task.

Today he has 7 Million followers on Facebook, along with him he has got a blue tick. It also has millions of subscribers on YouTube, Instagram. Today millions of people know Maithili.

You can follow us on Instagram – “Instagram” Therefore, if you want to be famous, then social sites can also be a good option.

4- Being famous by social work

So far, we have talked about measures and techniques to be famous, all of them are related to personal branding. They are all known as Influencer.

And now what we are talking about is social work, we can also call it heart work. In heart work, we do not have to be the main motive famous. But people can also be famous for doing social work.

Many people around us feed the hungry for free. Serve, assist sick people.

Many small and big things around them do them without any benefit. Which comes under social work, which can be called heart work.

The path Dasharatha Manjhi created by cutting the mountain to no avail is heart work, his story is also read in the textbook and a Manjhi – The Mountain Man movie has also been made on him.

Look at Sonu Sood only. At the time of LockDown, when thousands of labourers wanted to go to their house, Sonu Sood went ahead and helped them. Due to this work, he became very popular among the people.

Anna Hazare is also named in this list. Who is neither known as a rich person nor is anyone known as a celebrity? They are known and recognized only as their social work. He is a famous and popular person.

So you have to be famous, to be popular, then you can do social work.

5- To be popular by writing a book

The pleasure of reading a book is also amazing and reading the book has its benefits. Most Billionaires prefer to read books.

There are many great people in the world, who spend their whole lives in books. People learn from their experiences and implement them in their lives.

Books have their craze among the people. There is also a demand for books. Introverted people, it is easier to share their things by writing than to say.

People who are proficient in the language and who do good storytelling can write and publish their books.

India also has many names that people know because of their authorship. One of those names is Chetan Bhagat.

Chetan Bhagat is also an IITian but people know him because of his books. His books have a lot of craze among the youth.

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Similarly, there is another name – Amish Tripathi.

Mytho writes stories in Fiction Genre, he has many famous books. Recently he has a book – Suheldev: The king who saved India, it has become the best seller.

He has many other books. Such as – The Secrets of Mehula, The Secrets of Nagad, The oaths of Vayupitras, Ram: the scion of ikshvaku, Sita: the warrior of Mithila etc.

You can buy books of Amish Tripathi from here – Amish Tripathi Books

If you also want to be famous like writers like Amish Tripathi and Chetan Bhagat, then you can become a Book Writer.

6- Solving a big problem of people

There are many problems around us and we can use the problem as an opportunity. Many people have solved billions to become owners of billions.

Oyo’s founder Ritesh Aggarwal helped solve the hotel problem and how many people recognize his company today.

Similarly, Elon musk solved a big problem. Jeff Bezos also solved the problem. Bill Gates also solved the problem.

Therefore, by solving the problem, it can be made famous and can become popular.

So if you want to be famous, you can also find a problem. It can be solvent and can be popular, can be famous.

There are many ways to be famous (Ways to be Famous), these are just a few, you can try and be popular by adopting any method according to you.