How To Apply For Biscuit-Cake Making Plant & Profit Details

How To Apply For Biscuit-Cake Making Plant & Profit Details

New Business Ideas: How to apply for a biscuit-cake making plant – Whenever you think of starting a business, the biggest question before you is, where will the money come from to start a business? In such a time, if you come to know that if you have only 1 lakh rupees then you can start a business whose demand is increasing rapidly, then to what extent will your problem go away. Yes, today we are telling you about one such business. Looking at the possibilities of this business, banks also give you loans easily.

New Business Ideas: Biscuits – How to apply for a cake making plant

In this new business, you are told about starting a manufacturing unit to make biscuits, cakes, chips and bread. To start this business, you will also get a loan easily under the special currency scheme of the government. Bakery products are in demand throughout the year. The ingredients required for this are flour, maida, potato, milk, ghee, sugar, yeast, salt, flavour powder and edible colour. All these products will be available anywhere.

How To Get Loan For Biscuit-Cake Plant?

You can apply to any bank under Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana to apply this. For this, you will have to fill a form, in which you will have to give details like name, address, business address, education, current income and how much loan is required. It also does not have to pay any processing fees or guarantee fees. The loan amount can be refunded in 5 years. What should be necessary – for this you must have a place. If you do not have space then it can be taken on rent. This expense is an addition to working capital. For this, it is necessary to have a manager, salesman, skilled worker and semi-skilled worker in manpower. 50 to 60 thousand rupees will be spent on the salary of all these, which has been added to the working capital.

Know how much profit will be made in this business

If you start manufacturing with a working capital of Rs 1.86 lakh monthly, there will be a total sale of Rs 20.38 lakh in a year. At the same time, the production cast will produce Rs 14.26 lakh annually to produce such a product.

Learn like this

New Business ideas Production Cast: Rs 14.26 Lakhs Annual Turnover: Rs 20.38 Lakhs Annual Gross Profit: Rs 6.12 Lakhs Annual Interest on Term Loan & Working Capital Loan: Around Rs 50 thousand Income Tax: Rs 13,000 Other Expenses: Rs 70 thousand Net Profit: Rs 4.6 Lakhs Annual Monthly: In how many years will you get more than Rs 35 thousand annual return: 78 per cent 4.20 Lakhs X 100 / 5.36 Lakhs = 78% ie the entire investment will come out in 1.5 years.

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