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Goat farming business plan & Project report

Friends, do you want to do Goat farming business? If yes, then this whole article for you, we are sharing a2z information with you here.

In which we have covered every topic from how to goat rearing to the benefits of goat rearing, hope that you will enjoy it

Whether you are from any corner of the country, this complete business plan will prove very useful whether you are in Marathi and want to do goat farming in Kerala or whether you want to open goat farm in Maharashtra.

Goat farming business plan

Friends, you must first decide what kind of goats you want to follow and do your goat rearing business. We are telling you about some of the following businesses here, you can earn some money by choosing one of these businesses is

  1. Goat farming for milk business
  2. Goat farming for the meat business
  3. Goat rearing to do hair and skin business
  4. Or goat rearing for all these

You can choose any of these types of goat rearing, the kind of business you want to do.

The same type of goats must also be followed, as for milk business, you must keep a lot of milk-producing goats.

Friends, today we will discuss all these types of business goat rearing

Indian Goat breeds / Types

Friends, in Goat farming business, your first step is to choose which breed of goat you choose.

If you choose a good quality goat, you will earn profitable goat farming and if you do not choose a good goat, then you may also get less profit or loss in business.

By the way, in our India, mainly 20 species of goats are found, but the sub-breeds of all these species are in a number of hundreds, then we are telling you about some of the breeds here which are very famous.

1. Sirohi

Goats of this species are found in Gujarat and Rajasthan, they are used for milk and meat, this goat gives less milk.

Their hair is very big which grows up to 3 Cm every year. This goat breeds twice a year. At birth, the baby weighs up to 3 kg.

Most goats give birth to two children at a time, but such goats are found only up to 70%, the remaining 30% of goats give birth to a single child.

2. Jamunapari

Jamunapari breed goat is found in Uttar Pradesh (UP). This goat is one of the best big goat breeds in India.

 The goats of this breed are identified with their short horns and their long ears which are 8 to 9 inches long.

This type of goat breeds only once a year, which gives birth to two children but it also gives only 70 per cent goat.

These goats are used for the business of meat and milk. This goat gives easily 3 litres of milk in a day.

3. Barbari

This goat is called Barbari or Babri goat. It is mainly a goat found in Africa and India, this goat is found in Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan.

The price of these goats (Barbari goat price) is low, which is usually up to 5000 rupees.

This goat is small in size and their ears are also small, which is standing, their body hair is also small. These goats are reared for milk and meat. This goat gives 2 kg of milk daily.

It makes Prajna twice a year, it gives birth to 2 to 3 children at a time.

4. Boer

The goat of the Boer breed is found very rarely in India, this goat is found in Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan in India but it is very small in all these areas, it is mainly found in Africa.

It is known all over the world for meat, they are also used only for meat and milk, this goat gets 30 to 35 kg in a very short time.

It breeds many times a year and this goat is also very expensive compared to other goats.

5. Jhakaran

This goat is found mostly in Rajasthan. Milk and meat are found in very high quantity in these goats as compared to other goats. This goat is capable of giving three litres of milk in a day.

This goat grows very fast and it breeds 1 time a year. It gives birth to two children at once. The meat of these goats is very popular.

This goat is expensive

6. Osmanavadi

This type of goat is found in Karnataka, Maharashtra, Telangana in India, this goat is expensive because their meat is very liked.

This goat breeds thrice a year and gives birth to two children each time. This goat gives more than one litre of milk in a day.

7. Surti

The goat of the Surti breed is found more in Surat of Gujarat, due to which it is named Surti, it is found in few states of India.

This goat is short in appearance, their hair is shiny and short, their ears are also short and erect, this goat is reared in the houses as this goat is not very good to walk.

This goat gives more milk than other goats, it gives about two kilograms of milk at a time, this goat is very popular.

8. Beetal

This goat is found in the Punjab and Haryana of India, which looks like a Jamunapari goat but their body weight is less than the Jamuna shift.

This goat breeds only once a year and gives birth to 1 to 2 children on an average. This goat is also capable of giving milk up to 2 KG.

Goats of this breed are crooked while goats are not

9. Sojat

This goat is found in Rajasthan, which gives a very high quantity of milk, their body also develops in a very short time. This goat is generally used for Goat farming.

It is very large in appearance and its colour is often white, this goat gives breeding once in seven months.

10. Black Bengal

The goat of this breed is found in Assam, West Bengal, Orissa in India, it reproduces twice a year and gives four children a year.

Black Bengal breed goats have a thicker body and more forward flesh. The flesh of these goats is sweet and tasty due to which both demand and price are very high.

Goat Farming project report

You need a Goat Farming project report when you are going to start goat rearing or you want to take a loan for Goat Farming.

We are giving you a goat farming project report of 100 goats and 5 goats, which will be available on clicking in the link below to get this project report for a loan in the bank too (goat farming project report for bank loan). Can use.

But keep in mind, to take a loan, your project report will have to be made by CA, which has also become valid.

Goat farm profit calculator

The goat farm profit calculator gives you the result by calculating the profit you get by adding all the costs like the expenses on feed, space and other expenses.

We are giving you a link to this goat farm profit calculator which you can use to easily calculate your investment and profit.

Goat farm shed design pdf

The provision of a simple shed with low-cost housing material (goat farm shed layout) is sufficient for its optimum production capacity for sheep and goat.

Soil-floored sheds are suitable for most parts of the country, where high rainfall is observed. To prevent water stagnation, sheds should be constructed in an elevated area.

Fodder trees can be grown around the shed, which is a source of fodder for growing goats. Clean drinking water should be available for goats.

Sheds should be constructed with proper ventilation. The walls of the shed should be free from cracks or holes when building.

The floors of the shed should be strong and have the ability to absorb water. The floor should be constructed in such a way that it is easily cleaned.

The type of shed depends on the system of the rear. Open type housing with a cover area and run space are usually sufficient.

  1. The run space must be covered by a chain link.
  2. The covered area is used to shelter animals at night and in adverse climatic conditions.
  3. A comfortable home with a generous provision for ventilation/air movement to dry the floor would be suitable for an east-west orientation.
  4. Thatched roof is the most suitable due to cheap cost and durability.
  5. However corrugated asbestos sheets can also be used for organized farms to reduce recurring costs and now have durability.
  6. Gable roofing is usually preferred.
  7. From small shades to typing ceilings are recommended.
  8. When the animals are taken to graze during the day and take shelter only during the night, the cover space will be sufficient.
  9. When animals are intensively housed, the housing pen and run system are suitable.
  10. There is no restriction for the length of the shelter, although the width of the shed should not exceed 12 meters and the optimal width of the shelter is 8 meters.
  11. The height of the way should be 2.5 meters and the ridge height 3.5 meters.
  12. The chain link height used for open space should be 4 feet. The length of the overhang should be 75 cm – 1 meter.
  13. Separate feeders and water pools should be kept for concentrate feed, green fodder and water.

Floor space requirements

Recommended floor space requirements for Indian conditions

Age groups Covered space(sq.m) Open space (sq.m)
Up to 3 months 0.2-0.25 0.4-0.5
3 months to 6 months 0.5-0.75 1.0-1.5
6 months to 12 months 0.75-1.0 1.5-2.0
Adult animal 1.5 3.0
Male, Pregnant or lactating ewe/ doe 1.5-2.0 3.0- 4.0

Floor space requirement per animal (BIS standard)

                 Types of animals Minimum floor space per animal (59.m)
Ram or buck in groups 1.8
Ram or buck – individual 3.2
Lambs or kids – in group 0.4
Weaner in groups 0.8
yearling or goatlings 0.9
 Ewe or doe in groups 1.0
Ewe with lamb 1.5

Feeding and watering space requirement

Type of animal Space per animal (cm) Width of manger/
water trough(cm)
Depth of manger/
water trough (cm)
Height of inner wall of manger/
water trough
Sheep and goat 40 – 50 50 30 35
Kid/lamb 30 – 35 50 20 25

Dimensions of different sheds in a sheep and goat farm

Name of the shed lx w x h (m) No. of animals Housed Remarks
Ewe/ doe shed 15 x 4 x 3 60
Ram/ Buck shed 4 x 2.5 x 3 8 Make partition lengthwise
Lamb/ kid shed 7.5 x 4 x 3 75 Make partition width wise
Lambing/ kidding shed 1.5 x 1.2 x 3 1 Provide manager and waterer
Isolation / sick animal shed 3 x 2 x 3 1 Provide proper ventilation and bedding materials
Shearing shed 6 x 2.5 x 3 1 Arrange storage of wool
Shepherd house 6 x 4 x 3 It should be located nearer to flock
Milk then shed 1.2 x 0.8 x 3 1

Goat farming training institute

If you want to goat farming business, then you must take training from where you are given complete information about the business such as how to bring quality in goat feed.

In them, the information about the disease and how to treat, what kind of goat should be used, etc., which is also important information.

Below we are telling you about some of the top institutes in India, where you get some months of training.

Goat farming investment

We are calculating the investment of 100 goats and 4 goats of Sirohi breed which is something like this

Goat purchasing cost

210 rs
per kg
of 1
1 does
is 30 kg
30×210 6300 6300×100
1 buck
is 35 kg
35×210 7350 7350×4
= 29400
Goats Goats x
per goat
rs per
per does)
100×10 1000
4 bucks
4×15 60
60 x 200
130 kids
per kid)
130×5 650
30 bucks
30 x 15 450
of shed 
432000 Rs
Goat farming business


Names Number cost
Chaff cutter 1 20000
1000 rs per
1000 x 5 5000
water pots,
200 rs per
200 x 5 1000
Total cost of

Feeding cost of (100+4) goats and kids

Description Goat x Rs
x days
Cost of
104 Adult
goat feed
10 Rs per
day for 14
or 425 days
129 kids
goat feed
6 RS per
day for 4
months or
120 days
(2 months
on milk
After 6
months they
are ready
for sale
129x 6x
29 kids save
for Eid &
feed them
6 months
180 days
with 10 Rs
per day
feed cost
Total cost
of Feed

Monthly Expenses

Names Number Cost
Vaccine &
20 Rs per
104 goats
with kids
362 x 20 7240
5000 Rs
per month,
1 labour is
enough for
100 goats.
5000 x 12 60000
Water &
500 x 12 6000
3000 3000
Total cost

Sale of Animals

No. of kids
for sale
Kids x goat
weight x
sale weight 
1st crop 
100 kids of
6 months
with an
weight of
20 kg is
ready for
sale in 210
rs per kg
100x20x210 420000
29 bucks of
12 months
with average
weight of
50 kg is for
sale on Eid,
is for sale
in 320 Rs
per kg
29x50x320 464000
2nd crop
100 kids of
6 months
with average
weight of 20 kg
is ready for
sale in
210 rs per kg
100x20x210 420000
Manure of
goats in
1 year
Total sale
of Animal

Goat farming cost and profit

Total Fixed investment = Goat purchasing cost + Cost of shed + Equipment

Total Fixed Investment  = 649400 + 432000 + 26000

Total Fixed investment = 1107400 Rs


Total profit =  Total sale of Animal cost – (total cost of feed + total monthly expenses )

Total Profit = 1312000 – ( 587080 + 76240 )

Total Profit = 1312000 – 663320

Total Profit = 648680 Rs


1st crop  kids Mortality remaining
60% of
60% of
is 54
11 kids
40% of
kid, 40%
90 goats
36 kids
4 kids
(in 7

2nd crop 
60% of
of 90
goats are
54 x 2
10 %
11 kids
40% of
kid, 40%
of 90
goats are
36 kids
36 x 1
4 kids are
(in 7

in 14


we get 129 kids in one batch (7 months). Or 258 kids in  14 Months.

Goat farming business Government scheme

Feed for Goat farming business

If you want to see your goat husbandry flourishing, then it is most important that you give your goats a nutritious diet from time to time.

Below we are telling you about some diet which is one of them

1. Protein

Protein plays an important role in the growth of the body of goats. To replenish protein, you can give your goats pulses like berseem, kidney beans, and cowpea in a certain amount of time.

2. Carbohydrate

Carbohydrates are used for energy. You can feed your goats by mixing wheat, rice, maize etc. in straw.

3. fat

The work of fat is also to provide energy to the animals, but keep in mind that even a small amount of it can harm the animal, so it would be good if you do not give it without getting information from the animal expert.

3. Vitamins and Mineral Salts (Vitamins)

These are very useful in maintaining the reproductive capacity and physical capacity of the animal.

Diseases and treatment found in goats

There are chances of following diseases in goats, but if you take care of them properly, then you will easily save your goats from these diseases.

The diseases found in goats are as follows

  • Pneumonia
  • Poisonous diarrhoea (enterotoxemia)
  • Footrot
  • Infected abortion (brucellosis)
  • Spleen fever
  • Galloping
  • Prevention
  • Jones disease
  • Thanela disease

To avoid all these diseases, you must show all your goats to animal specialists and get them vaccinated from time to time.

Follow goats with the scientific method only (Goat farming business with the scientific method only).

Goat farming business Registration

If you want to register this new business, then you can get it done by the DSC ie District Industries Center near your city.

But if you want to do it yourself, you can also register your business through industry base.

If you get your business registered, then you will get the benefit easily in all the schemes of the Government of India, for which you need to register your business.

Goat farming business Scope

Goat farming in India has tremendous scope and potential for the following reasons:

  • More than 80% of the Indian population are meat-eaters.
  • As people’s purchasing power is increasing and there is a distinct change in consumption patterns, non-veg has now become an essential part of the diet.
  • Mutton is preferred by chicken or beef/pork (produced by a selected section)
  • The availability of mutton is less than the demand.
  • It requires a small investment and is not as risky for a commercial proposition as compared to dairy.
  • Sale of goats meat is never a problem due to the above reasons.

Export capacity

The scope of export is also huge, although selling goat meat abroad has to comply with the strict phylogenetic conditions and standards of the respective nations.

This link to APEDA will be useful for those interested in exports,

Precaution for Goat farming business

To make any business successful, some things have to be taken care of, after which you get to benefit from that business.

In the same way, in this business also you have to pay attention to some important points like

  • Medicine from time to time
  • Food on time
  • Timely water
  • Proper maintenance etc.
  • Keep them away from any kind of deadly animals
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