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Farmers can earn millions of rupees by cultivating turmeric


Farmers can earn lakhs of rupees by cultivating turmeric: Ah, we are going to tell you about one such farming! Which the farmer can earn annually by sowing in his field! Lakhs of rupees It is necessary to adopt the proper crop cycle for the successful cultivation of turmeric! Special care should be taken that turmeric is not cultivated continuously on the same land! Madhya Pradesh because this crop draws more and more nutrients from the ground! So, if you do not cultivate it in the same land for the second year, it will be better! Farmers who have irrigation facilities can apply turmeric from the second fortnight of April to the first week of August!

Farmer Success Story: Farmers can earn by cultivating turmeric! Millions of rupees

Farmers are now making efforts to cultivate turmeric in Damoh, Madhya Pradesh! In which he has also been successful to a great extent! In Bilakhurd village of Patera, a farmer has tried his luck in turmeric farming except traditional farming! First, the farmer has planted turmeric crop in half an acre, then one and now three acres of land! Due to which he has got a bumper yield too! Not only this, but the farmer has also done the work of encouraging the 20 farmers to cultivate turmeric seeds by cultivating them.

All the farmers should not have any difficulty in selling their produce in the market by any means! For this, farmer Devendra has purchased and established a processing unit of Rs 5 lakh for turmeric cultivation! The most important thing is that till now there has been no experiment of any kind in turmeric cultivation! Bilkurd’s farmer Devendra Kusmaria is such a farmer! Who has played the stakes to cultivate the first turmeric in Bundelkhand! In fact, three years ago, under the Devendra tour program, Raber of Maharashtra Jalgaon went to visit!

Madhya Pradesh where he saw the cultivation of hi-tech turmeric and brought turmeric seeds in some quantity! When he came back and planted the seeds in his field, he is getting better results of turmeric! When he planted the same seed again, turmeric was prepared in a significant amount in one acre! He has also provided such seeds of turmeric to twenty farmers.

Turmeric cultivation sowing

Gin Farmers who have irrigation facilities! They can plant turmeric from the second fortnight of April to the first week of July! Those who lack irrigation facility! They can apply turmeric as soon as the monsoon starts raining! After preparing the ground well, make 5-7 meter long and 2-3 meter wide rows, planting the tubers at four to five cm depth keeping 30 to 45 cm row to row and 20-25 cm plant to plant distance. needed!

Turmeric cultivation irrigation and drainage

Turmeric crop requires adequate irrigation! Depending on the soil type, climate, soil composition, rainfall and mulching, irrigation is done at intervals of 10 to 20 days! It is necessary to keep the soil moist during the time of growth and development of the process. Proper drainage is necessary for harvest! For this, a gap of 50 cm and 60 cm deep should be made in the direction of the slope of the field. Due to which unwanted water comes out of the field. Drainage from the field is very important at the time of rain.

Turmeric successful digging and cleaning

It takes about seven months to prepare turmeric lumps! Leaves of the plant start drying when its tubers are cooked! When its tubers are fully ripened, they are taken out of the field! For cleaning the tubers, they are removed from the soil and washed thoroughly with water. After which it is dried in the shade! It is then sold in the market!

To make turmeric balls from tubers, they are first boiled in the water! Add 10 grams per litre of boiling water to sodium bicarbonate! Which makes the color of turmeric even more attractive! After drying the boiled turmeric for 2 to 3 hours in a shady place, remove its peel and break the lumps! After that dry the knots in the sun!

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