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8 Best Ideas To Earn Money From Whatsapp

Although to be honest, there is no direct way to earn money from WhatsApp. That is, you cannot take money directly from WhatsApp by working on WhatsApp. But then you must be thinking that why are we writing an article on this topic. We will definitely answer this further in this article, but before that let us know that WhatsApp is a simple and easy messaging application.

We use it to send messages to our friends, family members and other people. Since it is very easy and simple to operate, so this application is very famous among every age group in this age of internet. And it is also helpful in making people’s family, social, business life easier.

Because people on the internet are often looking for ways to earn money from WhatsApp. That’s why we have thought of writing an article on this topic. As we have also clarified in the above sentences that WhatsApp does not give you any work from which you can earn money from it.

But still WhatsApp is a platform that can be used to earn money. Keeping all these things in mind, today we are trying to know about all those ways to earn money from WhatsApp through this article. But before that let’s know a little bit about WhatsApp.

What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is an internet based free messaging and calling application. Currently this app can be found in almost every smartphone in the world. This mobile application was founded by Brian Acton and Jan Koum on February 24, 2009 in California. Both of them were former employees of Yahoo.

And surprisingly, both of them hired a Russian developer to develop the WhatsApp messaging app. In the initial phase, they had to face many technical problems in operating this messaging app.

First of all, he launched this app in iPhone i.e. iOS version, and in 2010 this app was also launched for Android. And in 2011, it was included in the top 20 apps in the Apple Store used in the US.

In the year 2013, WhatsApp had 200 million active users and 50 employees, and the value of this company was estimated at $ 1.5 billion. And in the year 2014, Facebook acquired the $1.5 billion company for $19 billion. Which was the largest acquisition by any company at that time. So now WhatsApp is also a company of Facebook.

What is needed to earn money from WhatsApp?

Some basic things may be required to earn money from WhatsApp, whose list is as follows.

  • The interested person should have a smartphone.
  • The smartphone must have WhatsApp installed.
  • There should be an internet facility.
  • There should be hundreds of contacts in WhatsApp.
  • The person must be an admin or member of a group to which hundreds of members are associated.

How to earn money from WhatsApp?

As we have clarified earlier that WhatsApp does not provide you with any such task or task. In return, he should pay you. So it is up to you, how you can use WhatsApp to earn money.

However, here we are going to tell some such ways, by adopting which you can earn money from WhatsApp. But apart from these, there can be many other ways, which you can find yourself on the basis of your experience, ability, interest etc.

1. Earn money from the WhatsApp group

If you want to earn money from WhatsApp, you can first lay the foundation stone for it. You may need to create a WhatsApp group to lay the foundation stone. First of all, you have to increase your contact list, to increase the contact list, you have to save everyone’s number in your phone. And after that, if you want, you can easily create a WhatsApp group and add your contacts to that group.

As we know WhatsApp is a free messaging mobile app. Therefore, limits have been set for sharing everything for free and for members in the group. Like you can’t share video bigger than 17 MB in WhatsApp.

Similarly, you cannot add more than 256 members in a group, that is, you can add only 256 members in a group of WhatsApp. If your contact list is large, you can create two or three groups for the same purpose.

At present, when man roams the whole world, and at every step of his life, he needs to befriend or contact new people. In such a situation, it is not a big deal for a person to add 256 members to the group. Provided that the members whom the person is adding to the group without their permission, do not have any complaint with that WhatsApp group.

Increasing the number of members in a WhatsApp group is not the destination of earning money from WhatsApp, but the first step. Only by stepping on which the aspirant has to reach his destination.

2. Make Money With Pay Per Download Network (PPD)

As the name suggests, these are networks in which you can upload any of your files. And then you can share its downloadable link. Now, these types of networks pay money on all the downloads that will be done from your link.

Now we have understood what is Pay Per Download Network. But now the question arises that how to earn money from WhatsApp through this? As simple as this question is, the answer is even simpler.

What you have to simple is that the file that file can be anything from the movie, episode, video, of course, eBook etc. You have uploaded to PPD Network, its downloadable link is to be shared in WhatsApp contacts and groups.

Now the more times that file is downloaded, the higher will be your earning potential. Some of the major PPD networks are Openload.co, ShareCash, upload.to, Uploadocean, DailyUploads etc.

3. Earn money by sharing affiliate links

All of you will be well aware of affiliate marketing. If you do not know what is affiliate marketing, then definitely read this post written on affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing, you have to sell the products of others through your affiliate link.

As we all well know, the trend of online shopping has increased a lot these days. So it is also natural that those who are in your contact list or are connected with you through WhatsApp. So they also buy their necessities online.

In such a situation, if you want to earn money from WhatsApp, then you can create your affiliate account in Amazon. Amazon is only because in this you can also create an account by giving a link to your personal Facebook profile.

While the rest of the affiliate company asks for a link to the website or YouTube channel. And she also approves the affiliate account only after taking the details of traffic subscribers etc. So by creating your affiliate account in Amazon, you can share affiliate links of various products in your WhatsApp group.

If a group member buys that product, you get a commission on that purchase. In this way, you can easily earn money from WhatsApp. Apart from Amazon, you can also promote the products of companies like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Shopclues etc. through the Cuelinks website.

4. Earn money from WhatsApp using link shortening service

However, this method of earning money from WhatsApp is not that effective. But there is a way, so it becomes necessary to talk about it too. Link Shortening Service is used to shorten any web URL.

And one more advantage of this is that you can also see this in your dashboard. How many clicks came on that given link. Therefore Link Shortening Service is also useful in terms of marketing.

Not all, but there are some such link shortening websites, which provide money for sharing their links and clicking on them. But this money is very less, maybe someone can earn $1 on 1000 clicks.

That’s why we have already told that, this is not an effective way to earn money from WhatsApp. Because there is a limit to add a member to a WhatsApp group. Secondly, this Link Shorten Website pays very little on click. Some of the major websites in this category are Adf.ly, Shorte.st, Linkshrink.Net, ouo.io, Short.am, Linkbucks.com etc.

5. Website promotion and earning money by promoting youtube videos

You can promote your website or youtube video using your contacts and whatsapp. This is a very effective way to earn money from WhatsApp. That’s because blogging and YouTube channels are the best ways to earn money online.

And in this process you have to promote your website or YouTube video only in your WhatsApp contact and WhatsApp group. There is a simple way to promote, that you can share the link of your article, website, video.

If they like your content, then maybe they can share that link in their contact as well. In this way your video, article, website etc. can go viral. One viral video can give your channel thousands of millions of subscribers.

Who can stay with you for a long time. And you can earn money by selling your own products on your website, by putting affiliate links or by placing ads. You can do the same thing through your YouTube channel. So you should not ignore this way to earn money from WhatsApp.

6. Earn money from whatsapp with paid promotion

If your WhatsApp contact list is very large, and you are a member or admin of not one but many large WhatsApp groups. So to earn money from WhatsApp, you can also resort to paid promotion.

You can inform people in need by advertising yourself through Facebook or other social media platforms. That you can promote their product or business through WhatsApp.

So that those people who are interested in getting paid promotion contact you. In this, you can charge them money for promoting the business of their product. So in this way also you can earn money from WhatsApp if you want.

7. Make money selling your own products

Many merchants are using WhatsApp to sell their products or goods. Suppose one of your customers gets a call that he has to buy a Led. But without seeing the customer kept from seeing the LED, then if you want, you can send its price and photograph through WhatsApp.

If needed, by making a video call from WhatsApp, it can be shown to that television, so that that customer can take his decision quickly. And once the customer has decided, can get it delivered at his doorstep.

Apart from this, you can send information about your product or goods in your WhatsApp contact. So that the curiosity of buying that item in the group member will be awakened. You can also earn money from WhatsApp by selling your own products.

8. Earn money by sharing app links and promo codes

If you use Android then you must be aware of Google Play Store, and if you use Apple phones then Apple Store. Thousands of mobile apps are published every day in these stores. So these apps need to spend a lot on their marketing to reach the users.

And this type of app provides users and people with earning opportunities by promoting their app through referral link. Interested person can earn money from WhatsApp by choosing some such app and promoting their referral link in WhatsApp group and contact.

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