Home Business Earn every month by installing an ATM machine

Earn every month by installing an ATM machine

Earn every month by installing an ATM machine

Earn by Installing ATM Machine: You will have to withdraw money from your ATM many times, the need for ATM can be anywhere anytime! Nowadays you can withdraw money from every small shop! But now you must be thinking about how to earn money from ATM (Earn by Installing ATM Machine), then we are going to tell you how you can earn money through ATM! If you have vacant land where you can get an ATM, this can be a great opportunity for you to earn money! There are some companies in India that install ATM machines! Let’s know about the process of applying for this!

Earn by Installing ATM Machine

It is necessary to have a place to install an ATM machine

To install an ATM, you must first have free land! If you want to install an ATM, then also keep in mind that your land should be at least 50 to 80 square feet! Apart from this, that land is required to be in the ground floor and also you have to keep in mind that parking is also a good facility, as well as the land should be in such a place that people are easy to reach, and if there are crowds then It is necessary to have at least 80 to 100 square yards of land outside the ATM so that people can easily stand there!

Lease agreement for installation of ATM machine

Before installing the bank ATM machine, a lease sign is to be done from the ground floor! There are some terms and conditions in this agreement, in which the term is written about! And when this period is over, then it has to be renewed within 3 to 5 years! Apart from this, all the things are clearly mentioned in the agreement as if the fare will be increased or not, at what rate it will increase, etc. is most important! The most important thing is that you have to check whether you are doing the agreement with the bank or with the broker, as there is a lot of difference between the two! You do not even need to meet the broker, you can apply directly!

Some requirements before installing ATM machine

The way you want to install an ATM, there should be a 24-hour power supply! For this, you have to install a permanent power connection of 1 kW because it is also necessary to have continuous electricity for ATMs! There should be a capacity of 100 ATM transactions per day! The roof of the place where ATMs are installed must be concrete.

The roof of the ATM installation should be concrete

You need to pay attention to some important things for setting up an ATM, apart from this, there should be no ATM of any other bank within 100 meters of your ATM land! Your ground floor should be clean! To install ATM machine, people around you do not have trouble, so you have to get NOC from the authority! It is also necessary to have a rolling shutter outside the ATM. You will have to make photo and video of your land from every side and send it during application! Before starting any business, it is necessary to open a current account in the bank!

ATM machine companies

There are 3 companies in India that take orders to place ATMs!

Tata Indicash ATM

This company has received orders from the RBI to install about 15,000 new ATMs! These ATMs have not only opened in urban areas but have also been constructed in village areas!

Muthoot ATM

It is a very large Indian company, which is a non-banking financial company! This company employs white label ATMs! All types of ATMs are used in such ATMs. Such as Visa, RuPay Card and MasterCard etc.

India One ATM

Order to install ATM is also taken by India One ATM Company of India!

How to apply to get an ATM machine?

To install an ATM on empty land, you can apply online by visiting the website of the companies (Earn by Installing ATM Machine)! You will find complete information on the website to apply! You can apply for ATM by registering on it!

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