People like the videos of this car brand on TikTok the most, while Audi is at number two

People like the videos of this car brand on TikTok the most, while Audi is at number two

Tiktok is being used fiercely in other countries. With many brands on the platform, car companies are also showing their flair and giving a glimpse of their cars. In such a situation, people are very much liking the videos.

Many car companies are getting popularity on Tiktok.

While video-sharing platform TikTok has taken social media by storm, global luxury car brands are leaving no stone unturned to make their presence felt on it. Among them, BMW has emerged as the most popular luxury car brand on TikTok with 22 billion views on hashtags, posts and videos as of June 15, 2021, according to data compiled by UK-based auto dealer Dick Lovett.

Audi is followed by BMW with 9 billion views and Jaguar 6 billion views so far. The list includes Porsche, Ferrari, Land Rover, Mini and Aston Martin in related order. BMW has embraced the platform by creating its own hashtag campaign which has received immense response from TikTok users. In 2019, it created the hashtag ‘THE1challenge’, where users were asked to create a video of their dance moves by artist Big Gigantic to music that was inspired by the BMW 1 Series.

Most favorite model of this brand

The BMW M4 is the brand’s most preferred model on the video platform, garnering 1.3 billion views, followed by the M3 with nearly 1 billion views and the M2 with 9.6 million views. Audi’s most popular model is the TT with 5.5 billion views, followed by the Audi A4 with 4.6 billion views and the Audi R8 with over 736 million views.

For Aston Martin, DBS topped the charts while Panamera topped the list for Porsche. The Ferrari 812 Superfast is the leader for the supercar maker while the XE is the leader for Jaguar. The Classic Mini Cooper is at number one in the lineup.

The data takes into account the number of views on videos that use hashtags mentioning each car and brand on TikTok. It should be noted that Tiktok has been banned in India from June 29, 2020. Tiktok had record breaking users in India who used to make videos on this platform every day. But after the ban, now all these users have come on Instagram reels. Insta reels have benefited a lot with the ban of Tiktok.

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