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Always keep in mind these 7 things when you drive a car, you will always have a happy journey

new Delhi. There is no doubt that the car is a great companion for comfortable travel. However, many times it happens that due to lack of some information or lack of experience, a lot of problems are also encountered during the journey. In such a situation, we are presenting to you seven things or work that are adopted by experienced drivers from all over the world, keeping in mind that you can help to overcome the troubles which all car drivers experience at some point or the other. We do. These things also make driving more comfortable and enjoyable.

Things to keep in mind 7 things when you drive a car

Here are 7 practical tips that will prove to be very effective for both novice and experienced drivers.

1. For those travelling with children

If you travel with your children, then the bathroom shower organizer can prove to be of great use. By hanging it behind the driver or the next second seat, the items necessary for children can be kept in them. In this organizer, you can put cream, diaper, napkin, water bottle or milk bottle together and then you will not have to waste much time searching for where the children’s stuff is kept in the whole car.

2. How to quickly cool your car parked in the sun

The car standing in the sun for a long time gets very hot inside and it looks as if it sat in a furnace. Do not take tension from next time when you face such a problem. Only open one front window completely, then open and close the door on the other side of the car several times. By doing this, the hot air inside the car will be completely ejected.

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3. Easy way to get rid of scratches with nail polish

Carefully chosen nail polish that resembles your car’s paint can prove to be extremely effective in removing scratches on your car’s body. Clean the scratch first and then apply that nail polish to the scratch, that’s all done. Apart from this, if cracks have occurred on the windshield of the car, then transparent nail polish also works quite well. For this, apply 2-3 layers of this nail polish to the crack and let it dry. This trick will not make your car’s windshield crack too big.

4. If you are worried that the car mechanic might cheat you

If you have to go to the mechanic due to any deficiency in the car and you are worried that the mechanic may cheat you or you can do a lot of exaggeration in order to recover more money, then to take tension Not needed The simplest way to do this is to simply ask the mechanic questions about the parts of the car that you are fully aware that they are working correctly. If the mechanic gives false information about these parts, then understand that he is cheating on you.

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5. How to get rid of old car stickers

Many times it happens that stickers have to be affixed to the windshield or backside glass of the car. With the passage of time, the need for some is gone, then many become useless. However, it is a pain to remove them at that time. But the way to remove them is very easy and great. For this, just soak a piece of newspaper in hot water and then put it on the sticker for 10 to 10 minutes. Just done. Now you can easily remove this sticker and wipe it with a dry cloth.

6. Reshaping Windshield Wipers

It is very important to clean the wipers that clean the windshield of the car. This is because the dirty wiper can put scratches on the mirror of your car and does not give complete visibility. If your car’s wiper has become dirty, there is an extremely easy way to fix it. For this you have to put a little rubbing alcohol on the microfiber cloth and then thoroughly wipe the blades, rubber and the rest of the wipers, that’s it.

7. Steam Removal on Vials

Winters are about to start and car drivers may have to face the problem of steam freezing during the time. But we are going to tell you an easy way so that you will not have to face this problem. There are two easy ways you can do this. The first is shaving foam. Put it on the windshield with the help of a clean cloth and leave it on for two minutes. After this, clean it thoroughly with a clean and dry cloth. This phone puts a protective coating on the glass that does not let the moisture stop on it. At the same time, another method is to use a dehumidifier bag. Take some small dehumidifier bags and place them separately near the dashboard and in the car. If you do not get it, you can take some silica balls and fill them in old socks and keep them in your car. It absorbs moisture.

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