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60+ Business List of Small Scale Business Ideas in India

Most of the big business in India started as small scale manufacturers and it is quite difficult to find capital to start a business that has expanded over time, the best option for business is to start small scale.

60+ Small Business Ideas Small Scale Business Ideas

1. Bookkeeping Services Bookkeeping Services

Do you have basic knowledge of account and want to work from home? To become a bookkeeper, you do not have to be a certified public accountant, using online invoicing tools like Sighted.com and Comfort-Online.com to provide facilities for companies by creating their account and reports and in return good Can generate income.

2. Stamps and Coins Business

Surprisingly, this interesting business is almost non-existent in India. There is very little competition in India, New Trending Business. Collectors of Stamps & Coins look for such new topics from all over the world. The special thing is that no matter how much the collectors are willing to pay for such old and unique things.

3. Stock Photography and Video Online picture and videos Selling Business

If photography is your passion or you are a professional photographer, then a DSLR camera which is at least 8 MP can be captured and sold on a website like Geetyimages, Shutterstockadobe stock.

4. Being a translator Being a Translator

To become a translator one needs a very low investment. Translation skills cost thousands of dollars. It depends on the company how well known and large it is.

5. Social Media Manager Social Media Manager or Consultant

At one point in time, businessmen’s do not have enough time to work on social media, so companies hire people for their social media works. In such a situation, you have to choose some people who have knowledge and interest in them and you can do your social media management business by selling your services to the needy.

6. Chocolate making business at home Homemade chocolates and Chips and wafers Business

With the skills and little investment to make some chocolates and wafers, you can enter this highly Beneficial Small Business. Homemade chocolate is sold by almost every major Pastry shop and gift store.

7. Used Computer / PC and laptops selling business of selling old laptops

A few years ago laptops were considered a luxury, now ubiquitous. Shopping trends tell this, people sell their used laptops and buy laptops with latest features and higher configuration.

8. Editorial services business Editorial services business

Find some people and form a group that has people who have the skills to write. You can give your service according to their need by contacting companies and you can earn profit without doing anything.

9. Call Center Services

If we talk on any customer care service number, then we get the idea that such companies may have given jobs to all these officers but this is not completely true. Companies contract to any agency to run their care services. It is also a small scale business.

10. Bio-data making business Bio-data / Resume Making Business

If you can observe things, then you can start a business of writing Resume for job seekers by observing their skills. Youth are always ready to spend money for a good job or a good interview.

11. Telemarketing Telemarketing 

Today companies are trying to advertise themselves more and more, telemarketing is one of their ways. You can start a small telemarketing business with a little investment and get started by introducing yourself to companies and get jobs as well as make other people grow your business.

12. Sewing Business Dressmaking / Tailoring

Dressmaking or tailoring is an easy home-based small scale business idea for women. To start this business, you need a sewing machine to make a dress. Once the business is frozen, you can contact the school and other small business people.

13. Coaching class business 

Starting a tuition class is an evergreen small scale business idea. Education is an area where we never see the recession. If you are knowledgeable in the education system and you can earn a lot of money by running your coaching class.

14. Chatbots Making Business

Today every business needs chatbots. Chatbot It does an important job for companies to connect with their customers, gather data and marketing for them and retain the customer. You can easily start your chatbot developing business without coding.

15. Dating Consultation Service Dating Consultant

 Have you got your Or Mrs Found right? Today, this curiosity and desire for a solution are increasing among the youth. In this business, you can become someone’s Love Guru and by becoming an online dating consultant you can help them find love. This will be a responsible job.

16. Web-Developer Website Developer

If you know to code or do not even know a little technical information, then you can easily learn this task and open your website developing agency and charge thousands on a site and when business gets frozen, hire other people to make your business bigger can do.

17. Graphics Designer Graphic Designer

If you are fond of drawing or designing then graphic design business may be the right career for you. Graphic designers work with colours and images to create items such as brochures, magazine advertisements and even Website Design. You will not have to spend much to start a graphic design business.

19. Makeup artist business

If you have previously worked in a salon or know how to cut hair but do not have the capital to open your own business, you can start from home. You just need to make sure that you can meet all the requirements of your customers to open a salon in your home.

20. Dog Training Center Dog Caring And Training service 

People who want to go on vacation often worry about whether they will return to their clean house, especially if they have pets. This type of business requires less investment. With a little experience dog care and training centre can be opened 

21. Electronic Repairing Shop Electronics Repair Services

We are in the 21st century where almost everyone has an electronic device and it is normal to have problems from time to time and people prefer to fix it immediately. This type of business can be very profitable by expanding.

If you look carefully at the menu card of the restaurant near you, you will find how many changes can be made in it. If you know this area, you will see that there are many more items on the menu which are not on the list and its demand is very high. You can make profits in your business by making necessary changes to hotels in their menu and increasing their sales and fame.

23. Bicycle Repairing Shop Bicycle Repair service

Bicycles are used by people of all classes and the first choice of children is the bicycle. This business can be done with very little investment. You can hire an artisan who works for you. After a while, you can make money by taking a bicycle agency.

24. Vehicle Tire Showroom Vehicle tire business 

By buying a few tires in bulk with a little investment, you can set up a good business by selling tires to the needy people. tires This is a requirement of every vehicle and you can also start a garage with a little manpower.

25. Taxi Driver Service Taxi or Personal Driver service

If you live in cities, then this business can prove to be the best small scale business for you. If you have a car, then you can help the women going to the office or school-going children by giving them personal service.

26. Garden Care Services Garden care services

You can increase your income by selling services of special garden cleaning service. You can expand your business by growing a garden, or lawnmowing work as well as Ayurvedic medicines. People who have large gardens can also provide a personal garden caretaker for those people by contacting them.

27. Grocery Delivery Services Grocery Delivery Services

In a supermarket, a lot is charged for this service. If you are the owner of a vehicle, you can also do this work and also make your grocery delivery service agency with others like you.

 29. Watchman service agency Watchman service agency

Large organizations require manpower to maintain them, you can provide these services with a small group of people, provided you have a team of trusted people.

30. Night stay and morning breakfast Bed and Breakfast

You don’t have to have a big building to start this business. If you have a cleanroom then why not advertise it. And also you can charge more by attaching to Oyo rooms.

31. Car washing business

Car washing is an emerging business in India. An automated car washing company provides fast service and therefore earns more profit. This is the reason why the demand for auto laundry industry is increasing rapidly.

32. Massage Services Massage therapy services

If you are fond of health-related activities, you can take a masseuse course and open a clinic from the comfort of your home. Once you complete your course and get your license, you will have to invest in a massage bed as well as Oils and massage products. 

33. Laundry Services Laundry Services

If you are looking for a way to make money at home without the need to learn new skills, home-based laundry services is a very potential and extremely easy business. The most difficult part of the process is to set it up as well as to determine whether a license is required to start this business from your home. This will depend on your location and the size at which you plan to grow your business. 

34. Baby Care Services Babycare services

Handling children becomes a difficult task for parents who do the job, so they find a reliable and affectionate person or organization who can do this work for them. You can make a childcare home with some investment and also increase your business by hiring nearby women.

35. Tea & Coffee Shop Tea / Coffee Cafe

Opening a tea coffee shop can be extremely profitable. If you pass through any busy tea coffee café, it is often filled with customers enjoying coffee, espresso, tea and a variety of other pastries. To take this business up one level, you need a cafe Can take the franchise.

36. Game Parlor Gamer hub or a game zone 

This business is gradually coming into circulation with little investment and by hiring a good place, anyone can start this business. Good money can be made by charging fees on an hourly basis, including various games such as snooker, pool carrom, and 3D video games.

37. Currency Trading Currency Trading

If you have a phone, tablet or computer, you can easily do currency trading by learning a little investment and a little skill. There are thousands of tutorials on YouTube that help in learning this business.

38. DJ Services DJ Services

Only music lovers with creativity can think of starting a DJ services business. You must have the right skills and experience to start this business. You need a CD Player, Turntable and mixtures for DJ Business.

 39. Interior Designer Services Interior Designer Services

One of the most popular and creative options for the business is Interior Designing. If you are from civil or architecture background then you can start the business of interior design. You can add students doing civil engineering to work with you.

40. Pest Control Pest Control

The work of spraying poison and natural fodder to prevent homes and businesses from infecting pests and closing their entryways is under a pest control business. The task is very simple and profitable.

41. Aquarium business

The aquarium is a good and low-cost business idea. It is very nice to have a fish tank or aquarium at home. The Aquarium provides a pleasant experience and peace. It is also good for Vastu. You can start your business by opening an aquarium shop.

42. Astrology services Vaastu or Astrology services 

This business should not be underestimated. Today there is a demand for Vaastu or Astrology service in every big place, whether it is the right direction and auspicious time to build a house or astrology for the remedy of the game of zodiac and planets, everyone consults them. To build a business you will have to go through training and courses.

43. Sale of materials in social media Products Sell on Facebook / Instagram 

You can sell your products on Facebook and Instagram. These sites provide such facilities that your product will be visible to the people of your local area first and your sales will increase, as well as advertise any other business on your account. You can also earn aside if you want full benefits of this, then you have to learn it and do it full time.

44. Data Entry Data Entry Jobs for other companies

Gather some people like good typing and account information etc. You can help them by a tie-up with companies by entering data for them. You can make your business bigger by hiring a few people 

45. Dairy Services Dairy services

“Low profits and good behaviour” is a business formula. If you learn this business with little interest, then you will be able to make good money in a very short time. Milk, cheese, butter, cheese, these things will always be everyone’s favourite. Even if you do not have a cow, buffalo, you can grow your business by purchasing milk from them at a lower price in association with some cowherds. 

46. ​​Computer Parts Shop Computer Hardware shop

Computer Hardware Store This is a profitable business idea. In this business, you need to sell computer hardware items such as laptops, desktops, servers, hard disks, network devices, mouse, speakers, etc. The thing to keep in mind is that you should set up your shop according to the demand.

47. Heavy Lifting Services Heavy Lifting Services

Lifting service is a big investment business. But you can start it even with less investment. You can provide this service on a commission basis by a tie-up with owners of big vehicles like crane and JCB. You can beat your competitors by keeping your price slightly lower than others. 

48. Soap Making Business

Soap making is a small scale business idea. To start this business, you have to understand the entire process of making soap. To make soap, you will need the raw material of soap and you will also need to invest a little in advertising of your brand.

49. Sports Academy Sports academy or Personal Coaching services

If you have some knowledge of a sport, you can do this business easily, you can start your academy with a little investment and by hiring another sports teacher, you can also open a join academy of many sports simultaneously.

 50. Career franchise Courier agency 

You can take the franchise of some famous courier agencies. This is an evergreen business idea. If you have less capital then you can do this business on a commission basis by a tie-up with many small courier service companies.

51. Marriage Bureau Agency Marriage Bureau agency

This is the simplest form of business requiring very little investment. All you need is a database of boys and girls looking for marriage. Newspapers and matrimonial websites are the best choices for data. 

52. Application Development Agency Application Development agency

Today, making an app has become a normal task, people are earning millions by making an app even without coding. If you also have the qualities to make an app and do its marketing, then you should start this business today. You can start your agency by hiring a group of students studying.

53. Internet Security Consultant Internet Security Consultant

Hacking, scamming and viruses are a major threat today. If you know this work, then you can make very good money by consulting it, there is also a course by which anyone can make money by securing the tax and information of their customers.

54. Online shopping website Ecommerce Store 

It is a low budget business. If you know how to build a website, then you will know how to make an e-commerce store, you can help them by going to other business people and telling them the advantages of online business, by doing their business online for them and in return, their charge Can charge, and charge separately to handle the website.

55. Motivational speaker Mentor or Motivational speaker

If you feel that you have a lot of confidence and the power to reason, then you can advise others, you must read many books, improve your communication skills and observe other motivational speakers before making it a business. YouTube is the best platform to start.

56. Honey making business Honey making business

There are two ways you can start this business- First, by keeping bee and making honey from it, second- by ​​buying honey from honey wholesale dealers or honey manufacturers and branding it on it.

57. Ice cream cone making business Ice cream cone manufacturing business

Ice cream is an item consumed in large quantities. Nowadays people consume ice cream throughout the year in any season. Cones are easy to store. With the steady growth in ice-cream sales, demand for cones is increasing. More quantity of ice cream cones can be made from cone making machine.

58. Mustard Oil and Coconut Oil Production

Mustard and coconut oil business can be done by purchasing a machine with a small investment, by grinding raw materials in a machine, making its oil, adding a preservative to it and making a profit by selling it in the market at a good price.

59. Led bulb manufacturing business Led bulb manufacturing business

Led bulb products are in great demand in the domestic and international market, anyone can start the led bulb manufacturing business either alone or in a group, and manufacturing of led light is a highly profitable business with less capital investment.

60. Pen manufacturing business 

You may have seen pens as a medium of writing only, but it can be a good source of making money if you start making and selling them in the market. With very little investment and less space, you can start your own pen manufacturing business and earn a good return from it. Today the pen making machine is available in the market very cheaply.

61. Noodles making business Noodles manufacturing business 

Noodles are made with sago and fine flour, the process of making noodles or chowmein is simple. One can easily make noodles. So starting a noodle-making business is not a difficult task. Noodles making machine is available in the market at very cheap price.

Hope you have got this 60+ list of small business in India from Small Scale Business Ideas in India

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