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3 Ways to Self Improvement How To Improve Yourself

3 Ways to Self Improvement  How To Improve Yourself

How To Improve Yourself : Someone asked me the question, “How successful can we be?” (How successful can we be) That means “to what extent Can succeed

Suddenly asked this I found the answer to the question somewhat difficult but after a few seconds of thinking I said, “We can be as successful as we can improve ourselves and there is no limit to improve ourselves.”

How To Improve Yourself

The man said, “Oh! you Self Improvement Talking about Can you tell us how we can improve ourselves everyday? (How To Improve Yourself Everyday) Do you have some good ways to improve yourself? (Ways To Improve Yourself) If there is, then please tell. “

Now I had to answer this question in a few more words, then I offered him a drink of tea and later we started taking tea sips at a tea stall. How do I improve myself while drinking tea? Tell him some ways on this topic.

How To Improve Yourself

Come, based on my conversation with that person, I will give you that method I tell by whom We will know that every day How can I improve myself? (How To Improve Yourself Daily)


You start investing for yourself

(Start Investing in Yourself)

Nowadays people are learning a lot about Money Investment. Someone is investing in Mutual Fund, someone is investing in Real Estate, someone is investing in the long term, then someone is investing in the short term, people are investing in anything, but do people invest in themselves (Invest in Yourself) are doing?

Probably not! And whatever they are doing, the number of such people is very less.

Investing in yourself means that you are putting your money in such a place from where you are getting Valuable Knowledge or learning any skill.

For example, if you put some of your money in English Speaking Course and you learned to speak English which is a good skill. So it will be called an investment done on its own. There are many knowledge and skills that you can invest your money to learn.

Well some people would like to ask if we get returns by investing in Mutual Funds etc. But do we get returns even by investing in knowledge or skills?

Yes brother! Investing in knowledge or skills also gives returns. Rather I would say that you invest your money anywhere, you will get a lot of returns from investing in yourself.

You can earn crores of rupees by learning many skills and acquiring good knowledge. Investing in yourself leads to your Self Improvement.

The more you invest in yourself, the more you will continue to improve yourself and the more you keep improving yourself, the more you will become successful.

That is, the more self investment, the more or bigger success you will get. This is what successful people do.

So you too start investing in yourself from today and keep improving yourself. Know that there is no good investment in this world by self investment because its returns are very high and get lifetime.

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You improve yourself 1% every day

(Improve Yourself 1% Every Day)

First of all, who is your competition to succeed? From another person or yourself?

People who compete with other people are not able to have a healthy competition. They neither improve themselves well nor achieve great success.

Because by thinking for yourself, who is the most successful person in this world or the person who is the richest man in this world, with whom is his competition that he is going to improve more?

The answer is that such people compete not with any other person but with themselves. Yes! Successful people compete on their own and go ahead by improving themselves.

Now the question is, how much competition should you do every day? The answer is, “Only and only 1% per day.”

So what is meant by 1% daily? This means that the position of success or self-improvement you are in today, you have to move only 1% from today. That is, you have to do 1% Self Improvement daily.

If you compete with yourself every day, only 1% improve yourself, then imagine where you will be in the next 5 years?

You may leave millions behind. It is true that 1% daily competition can bring you from floor to hail. Today, this secret is hidden behind the smile of those who are smiling at the peak of success.

So what is the delay, from today onwards you start improving yourself 1% everyday. To improve yourself 1% daily, you can take help of To Do List.

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Improve yourself with kaizen technique

(Improve Yourself with Kaizen Technique)

After all, what is in Kaizen Principle that gives us the opportunity for Self Improvement? Where did it come from?

Friends, kaizen technology was first discovered in the USA but it was developed by Japan and because of this, Japan is the first country in the world to reach the pinnacle of success after being ruined in the Second World War. Now let me tell you something about this technique.

The kaizen technique is a technique with which we can easily develop the thickest and toughest habit. Through kaizen technique we can achieve huge success with our little efforts which are very easy.

For example, if you want to do 1 hour Morning Exercise every day but you find this Goal too big and impossible then you can make it very easy by Kaizen technique.

You can start with one minute of exercise daily and increase it by 1 minute daily. In this way your small efforts can turn into very big and good habits.

Friends, I have explained this technique correctly in my article, which you must read – “How to achieve great success with little efforts?”

This world’s best technology will help you the most in your own improvement. You just have to make some small efforts everyday.

Now let me tell you in which thing you can use this method (Kaizen Technique) –

1- If you are a student, you can use this Technique to follow your Time Table.

2- If you are preparing for a competition then you can use this technique to complete your syllabus.

3- If you want a Healthy Life and if you want to go to Morning walk or Evening walk or you want to start Exercise, then you can use this Technique.

4- If you want to get a Perfect Daily Routine, then there can be no better technology for you.

5- If you want to grow your business or want to gain success in it, then you can take help of this technique.

Now let me tell you what are the benefits of adopting this Kaizen Principle –

1- The biggest advantage of this is that you can fulfill your Big Target without any fear and laziness.

2- After using this technique, self improvement will start happening in you very fast.

3- After using this technique, your desire to achieve Goal will increase in you.

4- After following this, your success rate will increase and you will start becoming successful.

5- After adopting this Technique, Positive Energy will start increasing in you and your Happiness level will also increase. If all these things continue to improve in you, Improve Yourself.

Come, what is the delay? From today itself, you should start bringing Improve Yourself and you can also develop good habits that have become a dream for you.

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