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19 Best Manufacturing Business Ideas: You Can Start During Lockdown

Generally, whatever business activities are taking place in the world, they can be mainly divided into two categories Manufacturing Business and Service Business. Yes, if the entrepreneur is manufacturing an item or product, it means that he is connected with the manufacturing business. Whereas the entrepreneur who is providing service to his customers by not manufacturing any goods or products is associated with the service business.

As far as the manufacturing sector is concerned, it includes manufacturing from small products to big products but here we are talking about some such manufacturing business ideas. Who have fewer resources, Can be started with cost etc. but their demand remains everywhere.

There may also be some ideas that are associated with this list over time and situation, such as the task of making masks and hand sanitizers have been included in the present situation and may be used in the coming time. Grow more or go to the pier at all. But other manufacturing business ideas given in this article can only be started with low and medium cost, the demand for these also remains constant in the markets twelve months of the year.

1. Papad Manufacturing Business:

By the way, this business of making papad has come up as the best business for women. That is because this business can be started from home with very little investment. Currently, many such examples can be found when a group of women have achieved immense success by starting Papad Manufacturing Business, Lijjat Papad, who has made his name famous in the papad sector, is a living example of this.

Since papad is used as a digestive substance, it is also used in large quantities in India along with staple food and snacks. India is an agricultural country and various types of pulses are used to make papad, so the raw material used to make it is easily found in any region of India.

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2. Pickle Manufacturing Business:

Even if people in rural areas make their own ethics to fulfill their own need. But most of the population living in urban areas depend on the markets for their ethical needs. Apart from this, pickle is used in food hares to five-star hotels, which is why there is always demand in the market.

Pickle Manufacturing Business is also a business that can be started at very low cost. And since it does not require any heavy machinery, etc., any woman or male entrepreneur can start it from his home too. 

3. Mask Manufacturing Business

However, surgical masks have always been used by doctors and other health workers in hospitals etc. during operation, surgery and treatment. But ever since the epidemic called corona has spread throughout the world, the demand for masks has started appearing in the markets.

And during this period, many units have started making masks by not producing their original product. But despite this there is a lot of demand for quality masks in the country and foreign markets, so doing Mask Manufacturing Business can also be seen as a profitable business.

4. Hand Sanitizer Manufacturing

Till the time the epidemic called corona arrived in the country, hand sanitizer was used by some elite and educated people only. And there was a large population of India who did not even know its name. But along with the use of masks in the measures to prevent the spread of corona epidemic, the use of hand sanitizer was also said to be effective and the masks and hand sanitizer governments in the remote and rural areas got distributed free of cost.

This is the reason that at present everyone knows its importance is. And government departments, NGOs and individual individuals have emerged as its main customers. In view of its increasing demand, Hand Sanitizer Manufacturing can be beneficial.

5. Making Ayurvedic and Herbal Medicine

Ayurvedic and herbal medicines have been used in India since ancient times, there was a time when people did not give any importance to Ayurveda and herbal medicines. But today when many side effects of chemical medicines are coming out, in such a situation, once again the attention of people has shifted to Ayurvedic and herbal medicines.

Since they are made from natural products like trees, plants, herbs, herbs, animal products etc., starting such a business is also beneficial in terms of earning. But this may require the entrepreneur to obtain a drug license. If the entrepreneur wants, he can make a single product in the beginning and make it famous and then gradually increase his business.

6. Soap Manufacturing Business:

Soap, whether it is for washing clothes, bathing, washing hands or anything else, it is needed in almost every home and business premises. Soap is a commodity whose demand is always everywhere, so starting Soap Manufacturing Business can be a matter of benefit.

Soap can also be made using both manual and machine methods, which is why it does not require a lot of investment to start such a business. An entrepreneur can make any kind of soap, but if its quality and price are good, then India is a huge market for which he can take full advantage.

 7. Sanitary Pad Manufacturing:

This product, called sanitary pad, is specifically related to women’s health and dignity. Yes, during menstruation, women and girls are very concerned about the fact that the bleeding does not occur in clothes so that they have to face embarrassment. The work of sanitary pads is to stop the bleeding during those menstrual days so that women and girls do not have any kind of embarrassment and discomfort on those days. Sanitary Pad Manufacturing Business is also a business that women entrepreneurs can easily start.

8. Candle Manufacturing Business:

However here we would not like to say at all that traditional candle making work can be very beneficial. Rather, where earlier candles were also used for lighting in homes, at present they are being used in rallies, festivals, birthdays etc. So there is no doubt that their shape and appearance has changed with time, yes friends, the candle used on the occasion of birthday is different.

The candles used as decorations in homes are different and the candles used only for lighting are different. Therefore Candle Manufacturing Business can be successful and profitable only when the entrepreneur produces all types of candles.

9. Biscuit Manufacturing:

If the entrepreneur wants to produce and sell biscuits on a large scale, then there is no doubt that he will need machines to make them. Currently, all types of biscuit making, semi-automatic, manual machines are available in the market. In the early stages, the entrepreneur doing Biscuit Manufacturing Business should start production using the manual machine only because such type of machine will be easily available to him at cheaper rates. Apart from this, the entrepreneur can start the business of making hand made biscuits after analyzing the demand of the local market.

10. Agarabtti Manufacturing

Perhaps we do not need to tell how much demand and utility of incense sticks are in this country. The demand for incense sticks is not only in our country but also in a big way in foreign countries. Although large companies in the country and abroad are already engaged in the manufacture of incense sticks, this does not mean that no new entrepreneur can start the Agarbatti Manufacturing Business. Rather the truth is that if the entrepreneur is successful in giving aromatic and good quality incense sticks to his customers, then no one can stop him from being successful in this business.

11. Disposable paper plate and cup manufacturing

Use of disposable cup plates is not hidden from us. Yes, friends, any function, event, anniversary, birthday, wedding or any other event, disposable cup plate is used for some reason or the other. Whereas disposable cup plates made of plastic were quite prevalent in the past, in most states, their production is prohibited on horse-trading etc. due to their ill effects on the environment.

Therefore, paper-made disposable cup plates have started replacing them. This is the reason that at present it may be appropriate to start this kind of manufacturing business. Because the cost involved in starting such a business is also less because the cup plate making machine can be easily purchased for a few thousand rupees.

12. Cemented Brick Manufacturing

Cement bricks are also used in construction works, that is, cement briquettes are used in the construction of houses, buildings, bridges, roadsides etc. Doing Cemented Brick Manufacturing Business can be beneficial because construction work goes on in almost every corner of the country. And the biggest advantage of this business is that the entrepreneur can start it without any machine.

That is because cement powder, sand, gravel and water are required to make cement bricks and they can be prepared only with the help of moulds and labourers. Firstly, the cement powder, sand, gravel and water have to be prepared by mixing the dough and putting it in the mould and placing it on the ground for drying, but in this process, it is important to take care that the brick does not stick to the ground. .

13. Spice Powder Manufacturing:

Spices have an important role in Indian food. Indian spices also protect humans from many diseases. This is the reason that presently it is natural to find more than one spice in almost every kitchen. The demand for Indian spices is there in the domestic market, there is a good demand in international markets as well. And since the entrepreneur has to take the raw material from the farmers and grind them and give them their own brand and bring them to the market.

There is a lot of opportunities to make a profit from this manufacturing business. Also, it is not likely to cost much to start it and since India is an agricultural country, this business can be started easily from rural areas because there is the availability of raw materials and wages available at cheaper rates. It will be done.

14. Flour Manufacturing Business

In rural areas, where the yield of wheat is good, the people still meet their wheat-related requirement by grinding wheat from the nearby flour mill. Whereas, where people do not produce wheat and cannot even buy wheat, they prefer to take flour directly from the market. Therefore, Flour Manufacturing Business can also prove to be a highly profitable business as long as the entrepreneur does not compromise on the quality of the flour.

In terms of population, India is a huge nation and if seen, flour is used as food in every state of India but it is mostly used in North India. Therefore, flour is a food item whose demand in every region remains equal in all seasons.

15. Furniture Making

Furniture has become an integral part of the current lifestyle, yes there is hardly any house or establishment in India or the world where there is no furniture. Furniture has contributed significantly to simplifying the life of human beings, that is why it is due to furniture that man is able to decorate and organize his house. Talking about furniture manufacturing business, it can be a profitable business for those who know little about carpenters etc.

16. Cloth Manufacturing Business

Clothes are also included in the three most important requirements of human beings, so every human being has the need for clothes too. However, the entrepreneur making the clothes should either know the tailoring work himself or should have completed a fashion designing course.

This is necessary to start a Cloth Manufacturing Business because fashion changes over time and along with fashion, people’s clothing habits and choices also change and if the entrepreneur has proper knowledge of fashion and tailoring then only The clothes will be able to be changed according to the latest fashion and people choice.

17. Cotton Bud Making Business:

It is a simple business and it is only for those who want to start their business with very little investment. Because to start this kind of work, the entrepreneur needs some plastic or wooden sticks and cotton as raw material. Although there are machines for manufacturing them, if the entrepreneur wants, they can also manufacture them without machines. A cotton bud is also commonly used for ear cleaning and other tasks in hospitals, hospitals, etc.

18. Diaper Manufacturing Business:

As we all are well aware that in a disposable diaper, an absorbent pad is placed between two sheets of cloth. It is specially made for the purpose of absorbing fluids from the body like urine. Presently, except in some rural areas, the child is made to wear diapers until he or she becomes a self-talker so that there is hygiene around. And a diaper is thrown away once used, which means that if the Diaper Manufacturing business is done with the right strategy, then it can also become a huge empire.

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19. Shoe Manufacturing Business:

Shoemaking is also a task that can be carried out both machine and manual. You must have seen in your street locality that the cobbler sitting at an intersection of the road also makes shoes himself while there he has no machinery other than some equipment.

This is to say that if an entrepreneur desirous of starting a Shoe Manufacturing Business wants to start a shoe-making business without machines, he can do so provided he has to hire some cobblers as his employees. And if you want, you can start making shoes through machines, etc. Success in the shoe business also depends on their quality and price.

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