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11 Best Current Account Bank For Startups & Businesses (2020 List)

Those in this post Best Current Account Bank Is listed as the main Business And Startups Let’s make Daily Money Transaction very easy.

They are ranked after comparing based on the following factors.

★ Internet Banking
★ Fees & Charges
★ Balance Required
★ Services & Support
★ Account Opening Process

Best Current Account Bank in India (2020 List)

#1 ICICI Current Account

The biggest thing about ICICI Bank is that depending on your business 20 Different Types Of Current Account Gives freedom to open

Which mainly includes 3 categories –

  1. Premium
  2. Special
  3. Trade

The best feature in all these accounts is that you get Best Technology, Easy Transaction and Full Support – which every current account holder wants.

Also, by using ICICI InstaBiz App, you More than 115 Banking Services Can be used online only.

Monthly Average Balance

★ Regular Current Account:
₹ 10,000 From Up to 1 lakh

★ Premium Current Accounts – Start from ₹ 3 Lakh From Up to ₹ 10 lakhs

★ Globe Trade Account:
50,000 From Up to ₹ 5 lakhs

Operational Charges

★ Regular Current Account:
750 From Up to 2,000

★ Premium Current Account:
From 3,000 Up to 10 lakhs

★ One Globe Trade A/C 1.5k to 5k

ICICI Current Account List

1 Smart Business Account 2.0 Ivy
2 Smart Business Account 2.0 Platinum
3 Smart Business Account 2.0 Gold
4 Smart Business Account 2.0 Silver
5 Roaming Current Account Standard
6 Roaming Current Account Classic
7 Roaming Current Account Premium
8 Roaming Current Account Gold
9 Roaming Current Account Gold Plus
10 Roaming Current Account Platinum
11 Roaming Current Account Elite
12 Classic 2.0
13 Made2Order Account
14 iStartup 2.0
15 Digital Current Account
16 E-mandi
17 Escrow
19 Chartered Accountant 2.0
20 GeM Current Account
21 Nodal
22 Trade Basic
23 Trade Gold
24 Trade Platinum

#2 Kotak Mahindra Current Account

Bank Box

Kotak Mahindra Bank is suitable for all types of business.

Whether you have a startup, a very big business or why you have not just started a new business – Kotak Current account is best for everyone.

Features of Kotak Current Account

★ Different Types of Accounts for All Kinds of Businesses
★ Fast Services & Responsive Support
★ Option For Any Branch Banking
★ Auto Sweep Facility

Average Quarterly Balance

From 10,000 15 लाख (Depending on the Account)

Current Account Charges

From 750 Up to 8000 (depending on account)

Kotak Bank Current Account List

1 Kotak Pro Current Account
2 Kotak Ace Current Account
3 Kotak Neo Current Account
4 Kotak Elite Current Account
5 Kotak Edge Current Account
6 Astra 15 Current Account Box
7 Astra 05 Current Account Box
8 Kotak Global Trade Current Account
9 Kotak Startup Regular Current A/C
10 Kotak Startup Premium Current A/C

#3 HDFC Bank Current Account


HDFC Bank provides you a calculator, on the basis of which you can decide which current account will be best for your business.

Along with this, you get 19 different accounts which are available from everyone from Startup and Small Business to Large Corporates.

Quarterly Average Balance

10,000 to 20 Lacs (Depend on the Account)

★ NIL For Institutional Current Account

Current Account Charges

1500 to 15,000 (Depend on A / C)

HDFC Current Account List

1 Max Current Account
2 Agri Current Account
3 Plus Current Account
4 Activ Current Account
5 EEFC Current Account
6 Apex Current Account
7 EZEE Current Account
8 Trade Current Account
9 Ascent Current Account
10 Ultima Current Account
11 Startup Current Account
12 Regular Current Account
13 E-comm Current Account
14 Saksham Current Account
15 Supreme Current Account
16 Premium Current Account
17 Institutional Current Account
18 RFC Domestic Current Account
19 Current Account for Professionals

#4 Axis Bank Current Account

Axis Bank

Best Current Account Axis Bank comes in 4th rank in the list, which gives you 1000 reward points on Banking Transaction itself.

In addition, it provides 13 types of Value Based & Segmented Current Account, which are known for their Good Services & Support.

Monthly Average Balance

Prime Current Account Category ₹ 10,000 to ₹ 1 Lakh

Priority Current Accounts Category ₹ 5 Lakh to ₹ 10 Lakh

Wealth Current Account ₹50 लाख

Axis Current Account Charges

₹ 50 From 5,000 तक (Depending on the Account)

Axis Bank Current Accounts

Value-Based Segment-Based
Prime Normal Global
Prime Advantage EFC
Prime Select Arthiyas
Channel One
Wealth Club 50

#5 Indusind Bank Current Account

Indus are bank

Indusind Bank Current Account provides you the following benefits –

  • Minimum minimum balance (mostly on account)
  • Everyday Banking (365 Days)
  • Freedom to choose account number
  • Check image on monthly statement
  • Group business account
  • Smart cash management and
  • Doorstep Banking

Along with this, the bank understands your business accordingly. Flexible Current Account Offer Provides to give you maximum benefit.

Talking about Average Monthly Balance From 0 5 Lakhs and Charges From 0 Up to 4000

Indusind Bank Current Accounts List

Trade and Forex Current A/C
1 Indus Exim Current Account
2 Indus Dollar One Trade Current a/c
Indus Edge Current Account
3 Indus Prestige Current A/C
4 Indus Gold Plus Current A/C
5 Indus Gold Current Account
6 Indus Silver Current Account
7 Indus Blue Current Account
8 Indus Silver Plus Current A/C
9 Indus Green Current Account
10 Indus Escrow Current Account
Niche Current Accounts
11 Indus Grain Merchant Flexi Current Account
12 Indus Textile Current Account
13 Indus Infotech Current Account
14 Made to order Current Account

#6 Citi Bank Current Account

Citi Bank

If you have one International Business Is where you Multi Currency Support If need is, then believe Citi Bank for you Best Current Account Is


★ Instant Remittance
★ Existence in 102 countries
★ Best Credit Card Offers
★ Personalized Assistance in Foreign Exchange

Average Monthly Relationship Value

★ Relationship Value 1.5 million and above.
Up to 1.5 million
★ less than the relationship value.

Best Citi Bank Current Account

★ Citibusiness Current Account.

#7 Bank of Baroda Current Account

Bank of Baroda

Bank of Baroda Current Account is known for its superior customer support and services.

In addition, its current account charges are the lowest (maximum charges) Up to 1000).

Other Benefits –

  • Auto Sweep Facility For High Interest
  • Rebates & Discounts on Locker Rents
  • Demat Account Services and
  • Waiver of Car Loan Processing Charges.

Minimum Average Quarterly Balance

  • From 2,500 Up to 2.5 lakhs

Fees & Charges

  • From 300 Up to 1000

Bank of Baroda Current Accounts List

1 Baroda Premium Current Account
2 Baroda Premium Current Account
(With Privilege)
3 Baroda Small Business Current A/C
4 Baroda Advantage Current Account
5 Baroda Current Account for
Insurance Companies
6 Current Accounts for other Banks

#8 Yes Bank Current Account

Yes Bank

Yes Bank provides a Flexible Current Account Service which is mainly defined in three categories –

  1. Edge
  2. Prime
  3. Exclusive

Along with this, the bank also provides you Variance Current Account Option and Value Added Package, in which you can choose many services.

In which you get many types of benefits, such as –

★ Remittance Services and Global Trade

★ Merchant Services and Doorstep Banking

★ Automated Payment System

★ Payment Gateway Facility

★ Fast Cash Management Services

Average Quarterly Balance

2 lakhs 10 लाख (Depended on the Account)


★ NiL (Premia Current Account)

From 500 Up to 10,000

Yes Bank Current Accounts List

1 Three-tiered Business Current Account
2 Premia Current Account
3 First Business Programme
4 Pragati Current Account
5 Business Value Current Account
6 Business Growth Current Account
7 Business Benefit Current Account
8 Business Edge Current Account
9 Business Elite Current Account
10 Current Account Trade
11 Current Account Smart Trade
12 Current Account Business Gain
13 First Business Product

#9 SBI Current Account

Bank SBI

The advantage of SBI Current Account is that its more than 24 thousand branches are spread all over the country.

Along with this, you get Cash Withdraw as well as Cash Deposit Facilities in many ATMs, which makes your Transaction very easy.

Account Average Monthly Balance

From 5,000 Up to 10 lakhs (depending on the account)

Current Account Charges

From 500 Up to 8,000

SBI Current Accounts List

1 SBI Regular Current Account
2 SBI Gold Current Account
3 SBI Diamond Current Account
4 SBI Platinum Current Account
5 SBI Power POS Current Account
6 SBI Surbhi Current Account
7 SBI Power Jyoti Current Account
8 SBI Power Jyoti PUL Current Account

#10 RBL Bank Current A/C

RBL Bank

RBL Bank offers many different Current Accounts, as well as offers of Short Term Finance, Small Business Loan, Business Loan (Like Mudra Loan) on it.

The only problem is that if its branch is less then there may be some problem in Transaction.

Average Quarterly Balance

★ ₹ 10,000 to ₹ 5 Lakh

★ Global Extra $ 50,000

★ Global Elite $ 2,00,000


★ ₹ From 150 4000 (for various accounts)

RBL Bank Current Account List

1 RBL Traders Current Account
2 RBL Value Silver 40 Current Account
3 RBL Value+ Gold 100 Current Account
4 RBL Value+ Gold 500 Current Account
5 RBL Exceed Business Banking Exceed Extra, Exceed Express, Exceed Elite Current Account,
6 RBL Business Current Account
7 RBL Business Plus Current Account
8 RBL India Startup Club Current A/C
9 RBL Self Employed Professional Current Account
10 RBL Exceed Global Trade Current Account
10.1 RBL Exceed Global Extra Current Account
10.2 RBL Exceed Global Elite Current Account

#11 IDFC Bank Current A/C


IDFC Bank Business Current Account A great account for any small business.

It requires very low charges and average managing balance, which can meet the need of any small business.

Average Quarterly Balance



★ ₹ 200 Per Quarter


★ Business Debit Card

★ ₹ Online fraud coverage of 2 lakhs

★ on debit card Personal Accidental Insurance of 1 Lakh

In this way, for yourself from the list above Best Current Account You can select and if you have any question, you can ask in the Comment box.

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