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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Youtube account of US President Donald Trump suspended, feared violence

YouTube has banned President Trump’s account for a week. (Reuters)

After the account was suspended on Facebook and Twitter, US President Donald Trump’s YouTube account has also been suspended. Online and video platform YouTube has banned President Trump’s account for a week. YouTube has imposed this ban due to the possibility of violence. YouTube imposed a one-week ban, and said that videos of US Presidents could spread violence. The YouTube account of the US President has been banned for a week, and a week later, on January 20, Joe Biden will take over as the next US President.

Account permanently closed on Twitter

A few days ago, micro-blogging site Twitter decided to permanently close Twitter account of US President Donald Trump. Twitter had taken this decision in view of the possibility of violence. However, shortly after this, Trump tweeted on the official Twitter handle and attacked Twitter. After some time these tweets were deleted.

Trump, in these tweets, accused Democrats and the Left of abolishing free speech (freedom of expression) against Twitter. Trump has said that he will soon start his own platform. Trump currently has access to the official Twitter handle of the US president @WhiteHouse and @POTUS.

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Facebook and Insta accounts also closed till January 20

Trump lost the US presidential election on November 3, and Biden won. However, shortly before its formal announcement by the US Congress, Trump supporters started a ruckus on the US Parliament, which had to be taken by police action to stop it.

Trump had told his supporters to move towards Parliament. After this violence, social sites Facebook banned Trump’s account on Facebook and Instagram. In view of the possibility of violence, Trump’s Facebook and Insta account has been banned till 20 January.

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