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Xi Jinping sent message to PM Modi, said- China is ready to help India to fight COVID

After the Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, there has now been a message from Xi Jinping. Jinping has told Prime Minister Narendra Modi that China is ready to help India.

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi

Xi Jinping Sends Message to PM Narendra Modi: China (China) President Xi Jinping on Friday sent a message to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and expressed condolences on the situation in Corona virus epidemic in India. He has offered support and help to deal with the surge of COVID-19 cases in India (Xi Jinping Message to PM Modi). The official news agency Xinhua has given this information. In his message, Xi has said that China is ready to extend cooperation and help with India to fight against the epidemic.

Earlier on Thursday, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi sent a letter to Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar. In which he promised that China is ready to provide help in the growing cases of COVID in India and he also talked about sending the equipment against the virus in China to India immediately (Chinese Help to India). In a letter to S. Jayanshkar, he said, “China, India is sympathetic and sympathetic to the challenges we are facing.”

Common enemies told to Corona

Yi had said, ‘The corona virus is a common enemy of humanity, and the international community needs to unite and combat it (China on India’s COVID Situation). The Chinese side supports the Indian government and the people there in fighting the epidemic. ‘ A copy of this letter was also posted by Indian Ambassador to China, Sun Weidon, on his official Twitter account. Wang Yi said that in order to fight the epidemic, goods prepared against the epidemic in China are being transported to India.

Wang – China will continue to help

Wang Yi Letter to S Jaishankar also said, ‘The Chinese side will continue to provide the necessary support and help according to India’s needs. We hope and believe that under the leadership of the Government of India, the Indian people will soon control the epidemic. ‘ The messages of Wang Yi and Xi Jinping have come at a time when both the country’s armies are yet to return from the tense areas of eastern Ladakh. However, the Indian and Chinese forces retreated from the Pagong Lake area in February itself.

Record case filed in India

Speaking of corona virus cases in India, according to the latest data released here on Friday morning, 3,86,452 cases have been reported in the country within a day and 3,498 patients have died during this period. With this, the total number of cases in the country has increased to 1,87,62,976, while the death toll has increased to 2,08,330 (Coronavirus Cases in India). There are more than 31 lakh cases active in India. Here, more than three lakh people are being infected every day for about a week.

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