Worldwide uproar over China's negligence, Dragon finally shuts down 'Taishan Nuclear Reactor' after leakage

Worldwide uproar over China’s negligence, Dragon finally shuts down ‘Taishan Nuclear Reactor’ after leakage

Taishan Nuclear Plant: A French company, while writing a letter to America, informed about the leakage in the Taishan Nuclear Plant. There was a lot of uproar around the world about this, after which China has finally decided to shut down its reactor.

Taishan Nuclear Power Station in China

Taishan Nuclear Plant China: A case of leakage was reported from a nuclear power plant in China. Concern was raised about this all over the world. At first, China did not listen to any country and called every claim a lie. But now the news has come that he has closed the reactor of this power plant for maintenance work. The news agency AFP quoted the operator as saying that China has spoken to French engineers about the fuel leakage happening here. After which it was decided to close it. Now maintenance work will be done here.

A French company is also part of this nuclear power plant (Leak at Taishan Nuclear Power Plant). Due to which she also does the work of operations here. The same company had first warned about the potential radiological hazard last month. After which CNN disclosed the matter. The French company said that China was worried about this Taishan Nuclear Power Plant located in Guangdong province that it might have to be closed. This is the reason why he had also dismissed the reports of leakage.

The company wrote a letter to America

France’s Franmatome company had written a letter to America seeking help in this matter. But not much attention was paid to the matter from the US side. Rather, American officials have even said that there is no danger to the people working for the nuclear plant or to the rest of the citizens of China (Taishan Nuclear Power Plant Accident). At the same time, the company’s spokesperson had told a few days ago that due to the damage to the fuel rods, China can close it, but the final decision lies with the Chinese operator. The spokesman said that if this plant was in France, then when would the company have closed it.

16 nuclear plants are in operation

The French company started the construction of Taishan Nuclear Plant with China in 2009. Electricity generation work started here in 2018 and 2019. Talking about China, it has increased its use of nuclear energy in recent times. At present 16 nuclear plants are in operation in this country (Taishan Nuclear Plant Incident). Talking about Taishan, there is a population of about 9 lakh 50 thousand people. The issue of leakage from the nuclear plant was undoubtedly taken lightly but it could also create a dangerous situation.

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