Worldwide death toll from corona increased by 21%, there may be more than 200 million cases in the coming two weeks: WHO

Worldwide death toll from corona increased by 21%, there may be more than 200 million cases in the coming two weeks: WHO

Coronavirus News: Once again the cases of corona virus are increasing rapidly around the world. The World Health Organization has released a weekly report regarding this. In which it has been told that the total cases can cross the 20 crore mark.

Globally Number of Coronavirus Cases Increased – Symbolic Picture

Coronavirus Latest Update: The World Health Organization says that the death toll due to corona virus has increased by 21 percent in the last week. The main reason behind this is believed to be the Delta variant of COVID-19, which is more infectious and dangerous than the original virus. In its weekly report, the WHO said that most of the deaths occurred in the US and Southeast Asian countries, due to which the total death toll has increased to more than 4 million worldwide.

The organization said that the figures of deaths per one lakh people were seen. The latest figures showed that 2.8 and 1.1 deaths per 100,000 people have occurred in the American and Southeast Asian regions, respectively. There has also been an increase of 8 percent in the total COVID-19 cases worldwide. On an average, about 540,000 daily infection cases were registered in the last week. The WHO has also issued a warning about the increase in cases and said, ‘If this continues, then in the coming two weeks, corona cases will cross the 200 million mark.’

Cases increasing in these countries

According to the report, the maximum number of cases have been reported from Brazil, America, Indonesia, Britain and India in the last week. While cases have increased in the US and Brazil, there has been some decrease in Indonesia and the UK. Whereas no change has been seen in the cases of Coronavirus in India (Coronavirus Most Affected Countries). The report states that the delta variant of the more rapidly spreading corona virus has spread to eight more countries. After which it has reached a total of 132 countries.

Told the vaccine is very important

Questions are being raised about the effectiveness of the vaccine since new variants of Corona were found. To this, the health organization said that although some studies have shown a reduction in neutralization against the variant, this does not completely reduce the effectiveness of the vaccine (WHO Coronavirus Data). Describing the vaccine as necessary, the WHO said that it has been found that some vaccines are helping to make higher antibodies (WHO on Covid-19 Vaccines). So, due to the lack of neutralization, it cannot be said that the effectiveness of the vaccine is low.

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