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World Physical Therapy Day 2020: How important is physiotherapy for health? Know its importance and history

Health is the greatest wealth. But in this part of today’s life, all kinds of problems related to health are being seen and heard by people. However, medical science has also made great progress over time and has taken effective measures in how to improve people’s mental health to physical health.

One such remedy in medical science is Physical Therapy, which plays a very important role in the health benefits of people. This is the reason that World Physical Therapy Day i.e. World Physical Therapy Day 2020 is celebrated every year on 8 September.

Let us know that at present, the whole world is struggling with the corona epidemic and during this corona crisis, physical therapy is proving very effective. Physiotherapists are greatly appreciated all over the world. So on this special occasion let us know what is physical therapy? What is the importance and history of world physical therapy? Also what is the theme of World Physical Therapy Day this year?

What is physical therapy?

Physical therapy or physiotherapy is an important medical system in the medical world. In this system, pain is usually reduced in the bones and tissues due to injury anywhere else. It is a process to improve physical problems caused by an illness or injury.

The process of physiotherapy helps to improve the mobility and function of the patient. In this, different types of therapy are given in different parts of the body, which helps in increasing the fitness of the body.

Importance of World Physical Therapy Day

The objective of World Physical Therapy Day is to make people aware of physical therapy worldwide. Tell people about this best method of the medical field. Apart from this, the efforts made by physiotherapists from all over the world and their contribution to society are appreciated to this day.

On this day many seminars and programs are organized around the world and people are told about it, which has a very important role in changing the lives of patients. Physiotherapists help people improve any type of injury and physical disability. Apart from this, they also play an important role in improving physical activity by relieving acute pain, injury and chronic disease.

Theme of World Physical Therapy Day

Let me tell you that at present, the whole world is facing the crisis of corona epidemic. In this case, the theme of World Physical Therapy Day 2020 is ‘Rehabilitation and COVID-19’.

History of World Physical Therapy Day

It is known that 25 years ago, on September 8, 1996, the World Confederation of Physical Therapy was designated as World Physical Therapy Day. This date was established in 1951 by the WCPT.


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