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Woman created world record by producing 13 children, but because of this she cried sobbing

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Surrogacy is very much in trend these days. Surrogacy means taking someone else’s womb on loan. Many women have also become mothers with the help of surrogacy. But the woman we are talking about today has become a mother 13 times. This happiness has come to her 13 times, but as soon as she brought the child into this world, she would hand over the child to another couple.

The name of this woman is Carole Horlock, also known as the world’s most prolific surrogate mum. But, now this woman is longing for a child.

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Carol’s name is recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records as a surrogate mother. But, she gave birth to a son during the 9th surrogacy out of 13. Then it was handed over to his parents, but when the child’s parents got his DNA tested 6 weeks after birth, they came to know that this beta was not theirs. According to the DNA report, the DNA of Carol’s husband Paul was found in the child. The couple immediately complained to the surrogacy agency.

As soon as Carol and Paul came to know about this, they yearned to see him. He also offered on his behalf that if the couple does not want to keep the child, then they are ready to take it back. But, there was no contact with the couple after that. Let us tell you that Carol and Paul did not have any children together, so they are very much yearned to see this child.

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