What is the current situation in Afghanistan, Pakistan is supporting Taliban, read TV9's ground report

What is the current situation in Afghanistan, Pakistan is supporting Taliban, read TV9’s ground report

War in Afghanistan: The Afghan Security Force and the Taliban are fighting a war in Afghanistan.

Afghan-Taliban War

To save Afghanistan from being captured, the Afghan Security Force is taking on the Taliban. In such a situation, the team of Business Khabar is present on the ground and from there is providing information about the latest situation of the country to the people. The TV9 team has told the current situation through a report. Sources based in Kabul took the TV9 team forward in the morning. This was the area that the Taliban used for attacks. This was the reason why the TV9 team went here with the Afghan security forces.

The team told that the road ahead was very difficult and challenging, so she was riding in a bulletproof vehicle. He told that this car was given to him because of security. This vehicle was bulletproof, which not only protects against bullets, but also protects the team from IEDs. The team said that in view of the fierce fighting and firing, he was taken to the forward base of the Afghan army, where he was kept in three layer security. The team was staying in a bunker, in which food items and weapons were kept. The Afghan army is continuously fighting a 24-hour war to take its territory from the Taliban.

Governor kills Taliban fighters

The TV9 team said that on the second day, they were taken forward through bulletproof jackets and helmets with press. The team headed for the capital of Logar province, where a high school was attacked on April 21. In this attack 30 children were killed, while 100 people were injured. Abdul Qayyum Rahimi, the governor of Logar province, himself along with his soldiers are fighting on the front with the Taliban. The day before, he had killed 21 Taliban fighters. Two commanders were also among the slain Taliban fighters.

Pakistan supporting Taliban: Abdul Qayyum Rahimi

Here the team interviewed Abdul Qayyum Rahimi, the governor of Logar province. During the interview, Governor Abdul Qayyum Rahimi said that the citizens of Pakistan and their army colonel are also coming in disguise of Taliban. He said that Pakistan is continuously supporting the Taliban. We have seized the ID of Pakistan and the ID of their army from many people. Significantly, Pakistan is continuously supporting Taliban fighters in Afghanistan.

Afghan army did many operations in a week

The crew of TV9 was attacked while proceeding to the forward location with the Afghan forces. During this, bullets were fired on the car. The team reached Afghanistan’s largest base located on the Afghan-Pak border. This base used to be America’s largest base till 2014. At the same time, now America handed over this base to Afghanistan. Artillery, tanks and surveillance drones have been kept at this base. It has been told that the Afghanistan Army has conducted several major operations in the last one week. In this, more than 50 Taliban fighters have been killed in Logar itself.

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