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Video: Who is this Afghan woman who gave a befitting reply to Taliban? Carrying out this ‘dangerous mission’ sitting on the front seat of the pickup

Woman Governor Salima Mazari: Women are also taking all possible steps to counter the Taliban in Afghanistan. One of them is Salima Mazari. She is the district governor of a male-dominated Afghanistan, who is currently on a mission that aims to recruit men to fight against the Taliban. A local music is playing in the pickup vehicle she is traveling in. Whose words are like this, ‘Motherland… I sacrifice my life for you.’ Mazari is asking people to do the same nowadays.

The Taliban has been increasing its occupation of rural areas of the country since the beginning of May. This is the same time, when US President Joe Biden announced America’s withdrawal from this war and ordered his soldiers to return to the country. Since then the lives of people have changed in many areas of the country (Salima Mazari Recruits Men). At the same time, Salima Mazari is the governor of the district of Charkint in Balkh province, which is located about an hour to the south of Mazar-i-Sharif. This is a mountainous area.

Taliban tramples on human rights

Mazari told the AFC news agency, ‘Taliban is the one who tramples on human rights (Women Situation in Taliban). Women and girls do not have access to education and employment under the Taliban, but much has changed since its fall in 2001. Socially people were not ready to accept a woman leader. Wearing over-large glasses and a butterfly-designed scarf, the female governor is calling for a united fight against the Taliban.

Salima Mazari is a member of Hazara community

Salima Mazari is also a member of the Hazara community, mostly Shia Muslims. Which the Shia Taliban considers against their religion. The people of this community are attacked by the Taliban and Islamic State on a daily basis. One such attack was carried out in the month of May on a school in the capital, in which more than 80 girls died. At the same time, half of the district of which Mazari is governor has already come under Taliban control. That’s why she is engaged in recruiting fighters to protect the remaining area. Hundreds of local people, including farmers, shepherds and laborers have agreed to support them.

People who took weapons sold the land

Mazari says, “Our people did not have guns but they went and sold their cows, sheep and even land to buy weapons. He is on the frontline day and night, while he does not get any credit nor salary for this. District Police Chief Saeed Nazir believes that the Taliban has not been able to fully spread its footing here because the local people are protesting against it (Local People Fights With Taliban). This success is being achieved only because the local people are supporting. Mazari has so far recruited around 600 locals as traditional security forces in the district.

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