Video: Turkey's sky started glowing with 'green' light after a loud explosion, some told Alien and some meteorites

Video: Turkey’s sky started glowing with ‘green’ light after a loud explosion, some told Alien and some meteorites

Green Sky: A ball of fire has been seen coming at high speed in the sky of Turkey. Whose video has also surfaced. People have different speculations regarding this incident. But the real reason for this is quite interesting.

Meteor Explosion in Turkey Photo – Twitter

Mysterious Meteor Explosion in Turkey: The people of the Turkish city of Izmir were surprised when they saw a loud explosion in the sky. After which the sky glowed with green light. Green light was visible in the sky for a few seconds (Fireball in Turkey). Social media users in Turkey have also shared many pictures and videos related to it. In which it has been told that it was an explosion in ‘Meteorite’, which was coming from space towards Earth. Because of this the color of the sky changed.

On seeing the video, people from all over the world called this scene magical. It can be seen in the video that there are some clouds in the sky. Then a ball of fire comes at high speed and there is a loud explosion in the clouds. After which green light starts appearing in the clouds (Turkey Green Sky Video). This happens for a few seconds and then the clouds return to their old state. While the ball of fire passes through them and goes down.

What did the people say?

Such strange incidents are seen in the sky all over the world and people start making their own speculations. Sometimes they are linked to aliens and even UFOs. Some users said that it is space debris, while some called it rocket debris. In this incident also people said that UFO has appeared in the sky, while some as usual linked it to the alien incident. Dr Hassan Ali Dal, Associate Director of the Aegean University Observer, put to rest these speculations and told the real reason for the explosion.

What is the reason for this explosion?

He told that this meteorite is part of the Perseids Meteor Shower, which starts on July 26. The US space agency NASA has also found out about this and has said that this can be seen the most on August 11. The agency says that on this day about 50 meteors can be seen in an hour. This means that there is a shower of meteors on the ground. But they do not pose any danger. Because meteors generate light as soon as they enter the Earth’s atmosphere and then get destroyed.

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