Video: Imran’s closest minister said some objectionable things to former PM’s daughter Maryam, said- ‘There will be so many slaps that…’

Pakistan Ali Amin: Ali Amin is such a leader of Pakistan, who comes in controversies every day due to his antics. He is also considered very close to Prime Minister Imran Khan. He has now made objectionable remarks about Maryam Nawaz.

Ali Amin Gandapur and Maryam Nawaz

Ali Amin Gandapur on Maryam Nawaz: From Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan to its Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry, almost everyone is using unethical language. But now the Federal Minister for Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan Affairs Ali Amin Gandapur has given such a statement, hearing which anyone’s blood starts boiling. Especially women are expressing their anger on social media. Gandapur has made very objectionable remarks against Maryam Nawaz, the vice-president of the opposition party PML-N and daughter of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

He addressed a public meeting in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (Elections in PoK) on Friday. Where he said a lot of nonsense about Maryam. He said, ‘You (Mariam) have got our surgery done with Rs 8 crore. You will get so many slaps that your real face will come in front of people. A woman lawyer named Reema Umar has made a tweet about Ali Amin, closest to Imran. Along with the tweet, he also shared this video with the objectionable statement.

criticism on social media

Reema said, ‘No accountability has been fixed for his sexist comments (some say it was appreciated). And a few months later, he came back and escalated the violence into sexism (Sexist Remarks Against Maryam). This shows how upset he is with Mary and her presence.’ Sindh Information Minister Nasir Hussain Shah told PPP, “The filth and rubbish of Gandapur is leading the youth towards mental destruction and due to this, characters like Zaheer Jafar and Usman Mirza are born. PTI is equally responsible for their crimes.

Such statements were given last year also

Even in the month of November last year, Gandapur had crossed all limits by criticizing the opposition parties. Even at that time, he said very objectionable things about Maryam Nawaz, which was criticized on social media. It is worth mentioning that the assembly elections are going to be held in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir on July 25 and Prime Minister Imran Khan has appointed Ali Amin Gandapur on behalf of his party as the chairman of the election campaign committee. He has a long history of controversies. A few days ago, during an election rally, when some people attacked the Gandapur convoy, they started firing in the air.

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