Vaccination of half the population in America is complete, yet more than 100000 Covid cases are coming out daily, know what is the reason

Vaccination of half the population in America is complete, yet more than 100000 Covid cases are coming out daily, know what is the reason

US Coronavirus: Despite the rapid pace of vaccination in America and half the population being vaccinated, cases are increasing rapidly across the country. Here people are being vaccinated from Moderna, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson.

Corona virus cases increasing in America (US Coronavirus Case) – symbolic picture

US Coronavirus Update Today: On an average, one lakh new cases of COVID-19 are coming in America every day, which is more than the cases that reached the peak in winter. The number of cases of infection and hospitalization has increased tremendously in the last month due to the highly contagious delta variant. On an average, 11,000 cases are coming every day in the country since the end of June. Now this number has reached 1,07,143 (US Coronavirus News). This is the situation when half of the US population has been vaccinated.

The virus is spreading rapidly among people who have not vaccinated. Hospitals in Florida, Louisiana and Mississippi are flooded with patients. For the first time in the US, the average cases of infection crossed 100,000 in November and reached around 2,50,000 by the beginning of January (US Coronavirus Cases Last 24 Hours). However, now the situation is getting worse due to the delta variant. One of the reasons behind this is also people not getting the vaccine.

The number of people vaccinated increased

Many people are afraid of getting the vaccine. Due to which they are easily coming in the grip of Corona. The White House’s COVID-19 data detector has said in a tweet, ’50 percent of US citizens (people of all ages) have been fully vaccinated.’ On Friday, 8 lakh 21 thousand people have been vaccinated (US Population Vaccine). There has been an average increase of 44 per cent within two weeks and 11 per cent in one week in the number of first-time vaccinated people.

16.5 crore people got the vaccine

Single-dose vaccines from Moderna, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson are being administered in the US. According to the data, 165 million people have either received both Moderna and Pfizer doses or have received a single dose of Johnson & Johnson Vaccine. By the end of May, half of all adult Americans who had been vaccinated had been completed. Then there was a rapid increase in the number of people getting the vaccine (Vaccination Drive in US). Let us tell you that America has been the most affected country in the world by Corona virus. 632,641 people have died here and so far a total of 36,447,123 cases have been reported.

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