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US intelligence agency praises India for adopting ‘solid foreign policy’, says what big steps

The director of the agency said that in the initial months of Covid-19, India provided medical equipment to countries in South Asia, Africa and West Asia.

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US Intelligence Agency Praises India For Assertive Foreign Policy: A top US intelligence agency has said that India has adopted a sound foreign policy in 2020 under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on its ability to demonstrate the country’s power and its security as a strategic provider in the strategically important Indian Ocean region. Was focused (India Foreign Policy Achievements). The Defense Intelligence Agency also told the US lawmakers that New Delhi has also hardened its stand against aggressive China.

The agency’s director Scott Berrier told the Senate Armed Services Committee during a congressional hearing on global challenges, “Throughout 2020, the government of India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi has adopted a solid foreign policy, which is to demonstrate the country’s power and provide a strategic form. Was focused on its perception as a provider of security in the important Indian Ocean region. (India Foreign Policy in 2020) He said that in the initial months of COVID-19, India has provided medical equipment to the countries of South Asia, Africa and West Asia.

Hard stand against china

He said that India has played an important role in evacuating Indians and other South Asians from areas vulnerable to the spread of the virus. “In the summer of 2020, when China made attempts to encroach on the disputed Line of Actual Control, India’s claimed territory, New Delhi toughened its stand against Beijing following tensions in bilateral relations,” Berrier said.

Economic move against china

According to Berrier, after a skirmish between Indian and Chinese troops in the Galvan Valley in June, New Delhi deployed 40 thousand additional troops, cannons, tanks and aircraft, as well as taking control of the strategic mountain passes in the disputed area and In response to Chinese ships in the Gulf of Aden, Indian Navy ships were dispatched (India Foreign Policy and Its Neighbors). Berrier told the MPs that India also took economic measures against China and banned the Chinese mobile app.

Tough stand on pakistan

He said that India also took a tough stance on Pakistan and refused to hold diplomatic talks until the support of the anti-India terror groups was stopped. Berrier said that after the Pulwama attack of 2019, tension reached its peak and then India took action on the airstrikes (at the terror camp located in Pakistan). He said that in August 2019, the Government of India also took a tough decision like removing Article 370 giving special status to Jammu and Kashmir.

Terrorist camps targeted

Berrier said that the artillery of the Indian Army along the Line of Control continued to target suspected terrorist camps in Pakistan and bases of the Pakistan Army throughout the year (India Foreign Policy). He said that India and Pakistan announced a ceasefire in February 2021, but any major terrorist attack on behalf of a Pakistan-based terrorist organization would provoke the Indian Army to respond, which could lead to a military conflict.

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