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US government tightens on journalists regarding Corona, it is necessary to submit vaccination form before coming to White House, otherwise investigation will be done daily

US Coronavirus: Half the population in the US has been vaccinated, but still cases are not decreasing due to the delta variant. Due to which the government is making the rules strict.

White House issued rules for journalists (US COVID-19 Rules for Journalist) – symbolic picture

US Coronavirus News: The US government is tightening restrictions in view of the increasing cases of corona virus in the country. The White House Correspondents’ Association (WHCA) informed its members on Friday that they must submit a vaccine form showing whether they have been fully vaccinated. Or else the COVID test will have to be done before coming to the White House premises.

The White House Press Association said that those who have not been fully vaccinated will have to get tested at their own expense or provide proof of negative test on the same day (US Coronavirus Latest News). Earlier, the WHCA had advised journalists who have not been vaccinated. He was told to get checked before entering inside. Late last month, the White House reimposed the mask requirement for all journalists.

White House rule will also apply to visitors

This new policy will also apply to White House visitors. At the same time, according to a study released on Friday, the CDC said that people without vaccination are more than twice as likely to be re-infected with COVID-19 (CDC Recent Study on Coronavirus). Research from the CDC determined that Kentucky residents who were not vaccinated last year have a significantly higher risk of being re-infected with the coronavirus than those who were fully vaccinated.

Can get infected again without vaccination

The study concluded that without vaccination, there was a 2.34 times higher chance of re-infection with COVID-19. The agency has already recommended that people already infected with COVID-19 should be vaccinated for more protection. Re-infection had previously been studied in the laboratory, but the CDC notes that there is currently limited data on the subject (US White House Rules Vaccination). The CDC said that natural immunity “usually persists for 90 days in most individuals” after recovery from COVID-19 without vaccination.

Regular check-up of government employees necessary

The agency has also learned that the number of people re-infected may be higher because vaccinated people are less likely to be tested. The US government has also issued new mandates for all its employees and contractors (US White House Rules). Now all government employees are required to confirm that they have been fully vaccinated or they will have to undergo regular COVID check-ups before working in the office. The WHCA says that 99.6 percent of White House journalists who responded to the survey said they had been fully vaccinated by the end of June.

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