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Uighur Muslims China Internment Camps: 400 detention camps set up by China in xinjiang, 80 lakh Uyghur Muslims living like hell

Atrocities on 8 million people have been exposed in China’s Uygar Muslim-majority Xinjiang province. China has set up 400 detention camps to imprison these Uygar Muslims. Pictures from the satellite have shown that the construction of these detention camps has been going on continuously for the last two years. The Chinese government is building these camps at a time when it claims that the work of ‘re-educating’ Uygar Muslims is about to end.

According to the report of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, these detention camps have been set up in the far western region of the country. Uighur and other Muslim minorities are kept in it. Construction of 14 detention camps is still going on here. In this report, quoting satellite photographs, it has been said that China has built 380 detention camps since 2017. Tight security arrangements have been made inside these ‘jails’.

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China has imprisoned 80 lakh Muslims

Institute researcher Nathan Ruser said, “Based on the evidence from these images, it shows that a large investment has been made to build the new detention camp, contrary to the claim of the Chinese authorities.” It continues in the year 2019 and 2020 as well. At the same time, according to the report of the British newspaper The Sun, China has imprisoned eight million Uygar Muslims of Xinjiang province in their detention camps. An intelligence document from Beijing reported that the Chinese government is improving the cultural and social life of the people of Xinjiang through its active labor and employment policies.

This document also states that about 8 million (80 million) Muslims have been placed in separate detention camps. As reported by The Sun, the Chinese Communist Party is largely running the Detention Center for Uygar and other communities in Xinjiang. In these camps, China works to suppress political dissatisfaction. Apart from this, the work of torturing Uygur Muslims is also being done. The Chinese government is naming it a vocational training center.

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Tales of those who escaped from captivity

Mihrigul Tursun, a 29-year-old woman from Xinjiang, told American politicians that she had escaped from this camp in China in 2018. He told the politicians that in this camp, Chinese officials used to torture me so much that I would rather die or beg them of my death instead. Another Survivor Kayrat Samarkand said that he was wearing armoured armour made of metal to torture him. They used to force me to wear it. Chinese soldiers called him a metal suit. My hands and feet stopped working after wearing this 50 kg suit. I also had severe pain in my back.

China calls it a vocational training center

However, Chinese leaders deny this. They call this Detention Camps a vocational training center. According to the report of the Chinese government, 415,000 Uygar Muslims were imprisoned in southern Xinjiang from 2014 to 2019. Many of these people are also imprisoned more than once. In total, more than 8 million people are currently detained in detention camps in China.

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What is the trend of Muslim countries including Pakistan?

So far no Muslim country has openly opposed China for the atrocities on Uygar Muslims. Not a word has emerged from the mouths of Muslims around the world, from the mouths of Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Pakistan to the Uygurs. All these countries do not want to fall prey to China’s enmity. However, their attitude towards Muslims is very strict in any other part of the earth.

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Source: navbharattimes.indiatimes.com

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