TV9 Exclusive Report: Talibani terrorists are getting training in Pakistan, Imran government is building a road in Parachinar area

TV9 Exclusive Report: Talibani terrorists are getting training in Pakistan, Imran government is building a road in Parachinar area

Pakistan Taliban: From the very beginning, the government of Afghanistan has been accusing Pakistan of helping the Taliban. Which he has repeatedly denied. But in the ground report of TV9, it has been found that Tilbani terrorists are getting training in Pakistan.

Terrorists getting training in Parachinar (Pakistan Taliban Parachinar)

Afghanistan Taliban Conflict: TV9 is delivering live news from the Taliban and Afghan forces’ Maidan-e-Jung. Our correspondents reached the war front with the Afghan army and did live reporting of the ongoing operation against the Taliban. In which it was found that there is an al-Qaeda camp in Parachinar area of ​​Pakistan, where Taliban are also trained. Pakistan is building a road in Parachinar, this road will connect the border areas of Afghanistan, whose purpose is to provide logistics to Al Qaeda.

When TV9 correspondent Parachinar left the border in armored vehicles towards the Afghan army base, Taliban fighters started firing on the Afghan army convoy on the way (Taliban Training Center in Pakistan). In response to this, the army also gave a befitting reply by firing. The strategy against the Taliban is prepared in the army base itself. Here the Afghan soldiers were ready for the operation.

Everyone prayed before the operation

Before leaving for the operation, Afghan soldiers and officers together prayed for success against the Taliban. Local people also participated in this prayer (Afghan Army Operation Against Taliban). Army officials said that many local people also help them in the operation against the Taliban and support the Afghan army in the fight. At present, their aim is to stop the logistics line being built to help the Taliban. The Afghan army is trying to capture the areas along the logistics line.

Pakistani organization sending terrorists

According to the information received from the Afghan army, after the recently changed environment, many organizations of Pakistan are sending terrorists and Taliban fighters to Afghanistan together. For this, Pakistan Army (Pakistan Helps Taliban) is also helping. The highway which is being prepared from Parachinar, its purpose is to provide logistics to the terrorists. It will take only one and a half hours to reach Kabul via this highway. After all this information, the Afghan Army is engaged in the process of preparing a special operation. So that the nefarious efforts of Pakistan can be thwarted. At the same time, Pakistan is continuously denying these allegations.

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