Tunisia: The President dissolved the Parliament... then dismissed the PM, the opponent said - 'coup', but still why the people of the country are happy?

Tunisia: The President dissolved the Parliament… then dismissed the PM, the opponent said- ‘coup’, but still why the people of the country are happy?

Tunisia President Kais Saied has sacked Prime Minister Hicham Mechichi from his post. This has happened after the demonstrations against the government.

Tunisia’s President Kais Saied has dissolved parliament and sacked Prime Minister Hicham Mechichi. This is a move that is being said by opponents that it is an attack on Tunisia’s democracy. However, others appreciated the move and took to the streets to celebrate. In fact, there were violent demonstrations in many cities over the government’s failure to deal with the coronavirus pandemic and not operate the economy properly.

President Kais Saied said on Sunday that he would assume executive power with the help of a new prime minister. This is the biggest challenge so far to the constitution enacted in 2014, which divides the powers between the President, the Prime Minister and the Parliament. In a statement to state media, the President said that many people were betrayed by hypocrisy, betrayal and loot of people’s rights. I warn all those who are planning to take up arms. Whoever fires, the armed forces will again respond with bullets. He also dissolved Parliament and insisted that his move was within the ambit of the Constitution.

People’s anger erupted against the largest party in Parliament

The statement was made by him after an emergency meeting at the presidential palace after thousands of Tunisians marched in several cities. Much of the anger during the march was centered on the Ennahda party, the largest party in Parliament. Tunisian parliament speaker Rached Ghannouchi accused President Syed of launching a revolution and a coup against the constitution after the move. Ennahda party chief Ghanouchi said that we believe that the institutions still stand and supporters of Ennahda and the Tunisian people will defend the revolution.

There was a wave of happiness among the protesters after the President’s decision

Local journalists say the move is not at all surprising, as the president had already threatened to dissolve parliament and sack the prime minister. Tunisia has been in political crisis since last September. At the same time, after the step taken by the President on Sunday, there was a wave of happiness among the protesters. The protesters have also called for social and economic reforms. The economic crisis continues in Tunisia, from above Corona has also created a health crisis. So far more than 18 thousand people have died due to coronavirus in Tunisia.

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