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Trump must resign immediately to avoid impeachment, Twitter suspends account permanently


The difficulties of US President Donald Trump are not ending.

The difficulties of US President Donald Trump are not ending. Now House of Representative Speaker Nassi Pelosi has said that if President Trump does not resign immediately, impeachment action can be taken against him to incite the mob to capture Capitol. Apart from this, Twitter has suspended the account of President Donald Trump permanently. Facebook has also closed President Trump’s Facebook account and Instagram account. His account has been suspended in view of the possibility of further violence. After suspending account by Twitter, Trump has said that he will soon make a platform of his own. On the other hand, President Trump said that he will not be present at the swearing-in of the next President Joe Biden.

Pressure on Trump to resign immediately

Trump lost the US presidential election on November 3, and Biden would become the next president. However, Trump called it a fraud and did not accept his defeat. Before the formal announcement of Biden’s victory, his supporters attacked the US Capitol at the instigation of President Trump. After some time the situation was controlled. However, after this incident, Pelosi and the Democrats now believe that Trump should resign as soon as possible. According to Pelosi, if Trump does not resign, then the impeachment process can be initiated against Trump. Indian-American MP Pramila Jaipal says that the process of impeachment should be started as soon as possible.

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Trump will not attend the ceremony of 20 January

Joe Biden will take charge on January 20 after winning the US presidential elections. Current President Donald Trump says that he will not be present at the ceremony. Shortly before this he said that he takes an oath to ensure a peaceful transfer of power. After this, he tweeted that he will not be present in the ceremony on January 20. Earlier in 1869, then US President Andrew Johnson did not attend the ceremony of the next US President.

Trump asked to prepare an alternative to Twitter

US President Trump’s Twitter account has been permanently closed. Shortly after this, Trump attacked Twitter by tweeting with the official Twitter handle of US President Trump. However, after some time all these tweets were deleted. In these tweets, he accused Democrats and the Left of abolishing free speech (freedom of expression) against Twitter. Trump said that they are thinking about preparing their new platform.

Trump wrote in a tweet that Twitter wants to silence him and about 7.5 crore patriotic people who vote for him. Trump says that Twitter can be a private company, but without section 230, it could not last so long. Trump said that talks are going on with many other sites and a big announcement will be made soon. Apart from this, a new platform is also being considered.

Official Twitter account still has access

Trump still has access to the official Twitter handles of the US president, @WhiteHouse and @POTUS, but will no longer have access to it after the term ends. Their personal accounts
@realDonaldTrump has been suspended. According to the news of the routers, a Twitter spokesperson says that if Trump creates another Twitter account to break the suspension, then he will also be suspended.

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