The video of the death of the famous comedian had gone viral, now the Taliban took responsibility for the murder, told what step it will take next

The video of the death of the famous comedian had gone viral, now the Taliban took responsibility for the murder, told what step it will take next

Taliban News: In a video viral on social media, it can be seen how Taliban men have assaulted a famous comedian of Afghanistan. Later he was also murdered. For which the Taliban has now taken responsibility.

Comedian Nazar Mohammed sitting in car with Taliban fighters (Video Screengrab)

Taliban Afghanistan New: Amid the withdrawal of US and NATO forces, the Taliban in Afghanistan have claimed responsibility for the killing of a famous comedian in the southern part of the country as a retaliation. In a video that surfaced on social media, two men were seen slapping comedian Nazar Mohammad alias Khasha Zwan and abusing him. Later Jawan was murdered. Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid acknowledged that both men were linked to the Taliban.

Mujahid said that both have been arrested and they will face trial. He alleged that Zwan, a resident of Kandahar province, was a member of the Afghan National Police (Taliban Killed Comedian). Mujahid said Taliban members should have produced the comedian in a Taliban court instead of arresting and killing him. This brutal killing has raised the possibility of retaliatory attacks.

Hundreds of people were held hostage

It is also proving hollow the Taliban’s assurance that people who have worked for the government with the US military or American organizations will not be harmed (Taliban Advances in Afghanistan). There have also been reports of hundreds of people being taken hostage in areas that the Taliban have occupied, and in many places schools were also set on fire. Fearing retaliatory action, 18,000 Afghan nationals who have been with the US military have applied for special immigration visas in the US.

NATO countries will give shelter to those who help

There is also an increasing demand for the evacuation of Afghan civilians who have worked with the military in the US and NATO countries. While Pakistan is also facing the fear of refugee crisis (Afghanistan Current Situation). However, senior Afghan officials have made it clear that Pakistan is responsible for the violence in their country. The Pakistani army and the intelligence agency ISI are supplying terrorists and weapons to help the Taliban. On the other hand, the government of Pakistan is also rejecting these claims.

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