The plane crashed in Alaska, USA, officials barely reached the wreckage due to bad weather, all the dead were identified

The plane crashed in Alaska, USA, officials barely reached the wreckage due to bad weather, all the dead were identified

Plane Crash: A plane crashed in Alaska, USA, after which rescue workers have had to face a lot of difficulties even to reach its wreckage. All the people who lost their lives in this have been identified.

A symbolic picture of the plane crash in Alaska – Twitter

Alaska Place Crash 2021: The bodies of six people killed in a plane crash in the US have been recovered and their identity has also been identified. Inclement weather has made it difficult for officials to access the wreckage of the plane in southeast Alaska. Alaska State Troopers identified the pilot and five passengers of the plane on Saturday night. The accident happened on Thursday. The accident happened when the plane was returning from Misty Fords National Monument to Ketchikan with passengers.

The passengers killed in the incident were identified as Mark Henderson (69) and Jacqueline Complin (60) from Napa, California, Andrea MacArthur (55) and Rachael MacArthur (20) from Woodstock, Georgia, and 77-year-old Janet Kroll from Mount Prospect, Illinois. As has happened. The pilot was 64-year-old Rolf Lanjedorfer (64), a resident of Clay Allum, Washington. Usually, tourists can see views of glacier valleys, snow-capped peaks, lakes and forests while traveling by small planes from Misty Fjords National Monument.

Plane wreckage found after 2 o’clock

The US Coast Guard said that the aircraft’s emergency signal lights remained on for about 11.20 am (Plance Crash Latest in US) before crashing near the monument on Thursday. The helicopter provider reported seeing debris on a ridgeline in the search area and members of the Coast Guard found the debris around 2:40 pm. A Coast Guard helicopter landed two swimmers at the scene, which reported no survivors at the scene, the agency said.

Difficulties in removing dead bodies

However, initial efforts to retrieve the bodies were hampered due to bad weather and low visibility. In May this year, there was also news of a plane crash from Tennessee, USA. Seven people were killed when the plane crashed in a lake here. In which famous actor Joe Lara was also included. Lara played this character in the television serial ‘Tarzan’ in the nineties.

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