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The person saw ‘bottles of milk’ seen inside the ground, but when the truth came out, the senses flew away.

James Osborne said that when he started to take out the bottles, smoke started coming out of it. Then Osborne’s partner felt that they were not bottles of milk.

Bottle of milk (nominal picture)

It is worth believing for a moment that a child considers a grenade bomb to be a bottle of milk. But in Britain, a father of three children made a big mistake of considering the grenade bomb as a bottle of milk. His actions resulted in his life. James Osborne, who lives in Bremdin, Hampshire, said that he saw a bottle cap from within the dust. He was digging with one of his companions when he saw it. Both decided to take out these bottles.

James Osborne said that when he started to take out the bottles, smoke started coming out of it. Then Osborne’s partner felt that they were not bottles of milk. Both of them got this confusion because the upper part of this object which looked like bottles was white and there was some yellow color in it at the bottom. Seeing this, Osborne and his friends thought that they were bottles of milk.

Bottles were World War II bombs, not milk bottles

Osborne said that the bottles were loose from the top and we took them out and started keeping them aside. But then smoke started coming out of them, then we called the police. The upper part of these bottles was yellow and yellow liquid was filled in its bottom. Eventually, Osborne managed to extract two crates of bombs from his six-acre property that were planted in the ground during the Second World War.

Bomb planted to avoid Nazi aggression

Osborne, 45, called the officers and the bomb disposal squad. The team reached the spot and finished off by detonating these 48 bombs. A large mushroom-like shape also appeared to be formed during these explosions. Along with this, there was widespread smoke. According to the reports, the explosives were placed in the ground in the 1940s to protect the villages from a possible Nazi invasion. These were later handed over to home ground groups that function like the army.

Guards used to have meetings here

Osborne said that this property must have been a reactor house, this means that it will be the initial building of the village. Local guards would have a meeting here. Among all the artifacts related to World War II, a bomb is something that no one would want to keep. Osborne’s family did not even know that such an object could blow up their entire house. This family is very lucky that this bomb did not explode, otherwise a major accident could have happened.

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