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The number of foreign travelers in the United States has dropped by 80 percent

New York’s mining sector has lost 2 million jobs since March. Only 40% of the rooms in hotels are full.

A year ago, outside Kennedy International Airport, the line of yellow taxis in New York City looked like a conveyor belt. Counting taxis now appear here, as there are no passengers. The Corona epidemic has shattered the backbone of America’s tourism industry. Millions have lost their jobs. The American Travel Association estimates that the number of international travellers to the United States will drop by 80% this year. 1 crore 86 lakh people will come this year as compared to 79 crore last year.

The downturn has also hit tourist destinations such as Orlando and Los Angeles. However, its impact in America is not seen anywhere else like New York City. The city received 13.5 million foreign visitors last year. Most travelers come to New York from Britain, China and Brazil. People from several other countries, including these three countries, are barred from coming to New York. The number of foreigners arriving at the state’s five domestic airports has dropped by 30%. Kennedy alone has seen a 70% drop in international flights in 6 months. There were 2121 international flights in July, compared to 7034 in January. Four lakh international passengers landed at Kennedy Airport in August. The number was 35 lakh last year.

New York’s mining sector has lost 2 million jobs since March. Only 40% of the rooms in hotels are full. Taxi and ride app services fell 71 percent in June, according to the New York City Taxi Commission. The ever-crowded Times Square glows with street signboards, but more than half of the area’s hotels are closed. Lala runs tourist buses, but empty. Gift and souvenir shops in Manhattan used to have 30 customers at a time, but now they are empty. In 2019, New York’s tourism industry grew for the 10th year in a row. Now it is over.

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