The 'ghost' roaming the streets in Indonesia has been entrusted with scaring people, but why?

The ‘ghost’ roaming the streets in Indonesia has been entrusted with scaring people, but why?

In Indonesia, the police are intimidating people by becoming ghosts to get the corona rule to be followed.

Scared policeman wearing a ghost costume

The havoc of the Coronavirus epidemic is being seen in Indonesia. Most of the corona cases in the country are related to the Delta variant. The government of Indonesia is constantly appealing to the people to follow the rules of Corona, so that the virus can be stopped from spreading. However, even after all this, people are negligent by not following the Corona rules. This is the reason why the Indonesian government has done something to make people aware, which has become a topic of discussion.

In fact, the police are intimidating people (Indonesia Police dressed as ghosts) by becoming ghosts to get them to follow the Corona rule. Police say that by showing ghosts and graves to the people, it is being told that Corona is still among us. This is everyone’s problem. People who died of corona are being displayed through these ghosts. Police said that we are making people aware about COVID-19. We want to show people that if you do not follow the rules of Corona, then your life may also be in danger.

Preparations for easing corona restrictions

The impact of the Corona outbreak in Indonesia has been terrible. People are facing shortage of beds, oxygen and medicine in the hospital. The country’s COVID deaths have broken the record four times this week. A record 1,566 people died on Friday. President Joko Widodo has pointed out that the currently ongoing restrictions can be relaxed. He has pointed out that if the corona cases start decreasing, then the restrictions can be relaxed from next week. However, health experts say that easing restrictions could prove to be dangerous.

Corona deaths are happening three times faster than the global average

Close to 49,000 corona cases were reported in the country on 23 July as compared to more than 56,000 cases in mid-July. But health experts say that testing has also decreased during this period. In such a situation, it is not yet clear to determine whether corona cases have actually decreased. Even if the corona cases are decreasing, then easing the restrictions can prove to be dangerous, because there are still a large number of patients admitted in hospitals and people are dying of corona. Corona deaths in Indonesia are happening at a rate three times higher than the global average.

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