The danger of corona increased again in China, new cases found in Nanjing city, testing of people started on a large scale

The danger of corona increased again in China, new cases found in Nanjing city, testing of people started on a large scale

Coronavirus cases are increasing once again in China. In view of this, people are being tested on a large scale.

Health workers taking samples

Cases of coronavirus infection are increasing in Nanjing, the main eastern city of China. On Monday, 38 new cases of infection were reported in the city, taking the cases of infection to more than 60. Thousands of people are living under restrictions in the country and the authorities are getting people tested on a large scale. China’s standard policy to avoid corona has helped in controlling the virus to some extent.

One case of local infection was reported from nearby Suqian city and another case was reported in the north eastern province of Liaoning. Both the cases of infection are related to the city of Ninjing. There were 36 other cases of infection, half of which are in Yunnan Province, located near the border with Myanmar. Here the situation is serious due to infection.

So far, more than 87 thousand people have been infected in China

All the cases of infection reported in Yunnan are related to people who crossed the border before 30 June and 24 July. A total of 87,228 cases of infection have been reported in China since the start of coronavirus infection from Wuhan in the year 2019. Apart from this, the death toll is 4,636, which remains stable for the time being. Apart from this, 741 people are undergoing treatment. In China, people are being rapidly vaccinated, so that it can help in controlling the infection.

Employees found infected at Nanjing Airport

Earlier, a large-scale investigation of COVID-19 was started in a district of the city after 17 personnel of the airport in Nanjing were found corona infected last week. Due to the infection of the workers, a large number of flights had to be canceled and the operations of many have been delayed. A total of 521 flights have been canceled at Nanjing Lokou International Airport, according to the official Xinhua News Agency news. Officials said that an extensive investigation of COVID-19 has been started in Jiangning district of the city.

Schools cannot send children without vaccination

At the same time, amid increasing cases of coronavirus in China, officials have told people that they cannot send their children to school without getting the vaccine. Local governments in China have told residents that they will be able to send their children to school in September only when the entire family has received the corona vaccine. Apart from this, orders have also been issued in many cities of China that people cannot come to public places like hospitals and supermarkets without getting vaccinated.

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