Snooping Scandal: Pegasus espionage case all over the world, Israel to review allegations, committee formed

Snooping Scandal: Pegasus espionage case all over the world, Israel to review allegations, committee formed

Pegasus Snooping Scandal: Due to the Pegasus spyware case, there is a controversy all over the world at this time. It has been said in media reports that a large number of people have been monitored through its use. Now Israel will review the allegations.

Israel sets up committee on Pegasus case (Israel on Pegasus Allegations)

Pegasus Spyware Case: Israel has hinted at setting up a committee to review allegations of misuse of surveillance software by NSO Group, as well as a “possible review of the entire licensing issue” amid widespread criticism over the Pegasus espionage case (Pegasus NSO Group Israel ). The alleged use of Pegasus software to spy on journalists, human rights advocates, politicians and others in countries including India has raised concerns about privacy issues.

According to the International Media Association, politicians, rights activists and journalists were targeted through phone spyware sold to various governments of the Israeli company (Pegasus Spyware Investigation Israel). Ram Ben Barak, head of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee of the Knesset (Israeli Parliament), told Army Radio on Thursday, “The defense establishment has appointed a review committee with the help of several bodies.”

After the review, the need for improvement will be considered

“When they complete their review, we will ask to see the results and brainstorm whether we need to improve,” said Ben Barak, who formerly served as deputy head of Israel’s Mossad spy agency. He said Israel’s priority is to “review this entire process of licensing.” Former NSO executive Shelev Hulio welcomed the move (Israel on Pegasus Case) and told Army Radio that he would be “very happy if there is an investigation, so that we can drop the charges against us.”

‘Attempt to smear cyber industry’

Hulio claimed that an attempt was being made to ‘smear the entire Israeli cyber industry’. Ben Barak said Pegasus has helped “bust several terrorist cells” but “if it is being misused or sold to irresponsible bodies it is something that needs to be investigated.” ‘ The NSO chief told Army Radio that his company cannot disclose the details of its contracts due to “privacy issues” but “will provide full transparency to any government seeking more information”.

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