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Thursday, December 2, 2021

Shiv Sena hit back at PM Modi, said- ‘not the farmers, China has infiltrated and insulted the tricolor’

In Shiv Sena mouthpiece Saamana, Prime Minister Narendra Modi (PM Narendra Modi) retorted that protesting farmers cannot insult the Indian tricolor. The Shiv Sena has written in its mouthpiece Saamana that the tricolor was not insulted during the tractor rally violence on 26 January, the tricolor remained intact till the peasant movement reached the Red Fort. Let us know that on Sunday, Prime Minister Modi said that India was shocked to see the insult of the tricolor on 26 January. Explain that Shiv Sena has become vocal on the farmers’ protest against the three laws. A delegation of MPs led by Sanjay Raut met farmer leader Rakesh Tikait on the Ghazipur border on Tuesday.

Saamana (Saamana) has written that the agitating farmers of Ghazipur are more loving than the BJP’s cyber group as much as the tricolor. No movement can run by insulting the tricolor. The only question is why the Prime Minister was so upset over the humiliation that did not appear. The editorial said that the story made by the BJP that the tricolor was insulted was done to thwart the peasant opposition. It is true that a group of farmers broke the law and action should be taken against them, but to say that the entire movement is anti-national is a wrong fact.
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The Shiv Sena has also put the government in the dock for the strong barricading being carried out at the Delhi border to prevent farmers from entering Delhi again. It is further written in the encounter that, to end the agitation of the farmers, armed forces of policemen have been raised. Iron barricades have been made. Nails have been planted on the asphalt roads. This tough arrangement has been made so that the farmers do not come back to Delhi. Targeting the center, it has been further said that if all this harsh experiment was done on the border of Ladakh, then the Chinese army would not enter our border and set foot like the land of its father.

Further in the article, targeting PM Modi, it has been said that the Chinese army entered our border, this is also an insult to the tricolor, sir! The tricolor is being hoisted at the Red Fort, the tricolor is being hoisted on every tent and tractor of the Ghazipur peasant movement, but bear it like that if the Chinese army seizes our land and hoists its red mark there? This insult to the tricolor is making the public miserable. It said that the cyber army of the BJP made such propaganda that the tricolor was insulted during that time, it proved to be propaganda. There is no such thing as the insult of the tricolor, which is revealed in the video.

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