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Russia Release Worlds Most Powerful Nuclear Explosion Video 3333 Time Destroyer Than Hiroshima

Russia Release Worlds Most Powerful Nuclear Explosion

Sometimes, we get caught doing something which can prove fatal for us. Russia did something similar 59 years ago. In fact, Russia on 30 October 1961 tested the world’s most powerful Nuclear Bomb. Nearly 6 decades later, Russia has released a video of this test. The strength of this destructive nuclear can be gauged from the fact that it is 3333 times more powerful than the nuclear bus dropped on Hiroshima.

This bomb is called the King of Bombs. It was a hydrogen bomb, named Tsar Bomb.

Russia has shared the complete details of the secret bombing so far through the video of the largest atomic bomb explosion (Tsar Bomba Nuke Test). Actually Russia tested the Tsar Bomba on 30 October 1961 in the Barent Sea during the Cold War. Given its strength, it is also called the weapon of the end of the earth.

Important information related to this bomb

– Released Rostam on completion of 75 years
– This bomb was of 50 megatons
– 50 million tons capacity equivalent to conventional explosives
– A plane 100 miles away made a video of a mushroom-shaped balloon
– This explosion went to a height of 213,000 feet
– This atomic bomb was dropped by Russian aircraft in ice over Novaya Gemalaya in Arctic sea
– This catastrophic bomb was created under the program izdeliye 202
– After the western world came to know it was named ‘Tsar Bomba’.
– During the test, cameras were installed hundreds of miles due to the fear of this atomic bomb.
– Cameras placed in low light position during testing

The meteorological department has issued the biggest alert regarding monsoon, heavy rains will occur in these states of the country


On 20 August, Russia’s Rostam State Atomic Energy Corporation released a 30-minute documentary on its YouTube channel. During this explosion, the cameras were placed in low light positions because they do not become ‘blind’ in the glow of nuclear explosions. These powerful cameras videoed the fireball for about 40 seconds and then turned into a cloud of mushrooms.

The bomb was produced when the Cold War between the US and the Soviet Union was at its peak. The Soviet Union built this atom bomb named ‘Ivan’ to beat America’s thermonuclear device. It was constructed in just 7 years.

Test is done like this

The atomic bomb was first transported by train to Olenya Airbase from where it was loaded onto a long-range capable Tu-95.

On 30 October this bomber took off and travelled to Severni Island, travelling about 600 miles. This island is quite inside the Arctic. The bomber dropped the bomb which contained a parachute.

Due to this, the bomb slowly fell on the ground and the aircraft got so much time that it could not fall into the blast. When this bomb reached a height of about 13 thousand feet from the ground, it was detonated.

RUSSIAN TSAR BOMBA: Explosion of the most powerful bomb in the world (Original HD VIDEO)



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