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Russia described relations with Western countries at ‘lowest level’, tension heightened by Biden’s ‘killer’ comment

Russia on Relations With Western Countries: The distance of Russia (Russia) with western countries is increasing once again. Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said on Thursday that his country’s relations with the US and its allies have reached the ‘lowest level’ and no date has been set to send the Russian ambassador back to Washington is. The bitterness in the relationship escalated when US President Joe Biden called Russia’s President Vladimir Putin a ‘killer’.

Biden was asked in an interview whether Russian President Vladimir Putin was the ‘killer’ and he replied, ‘I agree.’ The Russian ambassador was then recalled (Russia on Relations with Western Countries). Then on Thursday, commenting on the issue, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov called Biden’s remarks ‘substandard’ and said he forced Moscow to reconsider its relationship with Washington (Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on Relations with Western Countries).

Lavrov expressed regret

Lavrov regretted the US’s rejection of Putin’s offer to communicate with Biden to help ease tensions. Lavrov said that it was up to Putin to decide when Ambassador Anatoly Antonov would return to Washington (Joe Biden Comment on Vladimir Putin). On this issue, there was also a reply from Putin. He was addressing the inhabitants of Crimea through video in 2014 on the anniversary of the merger of Russia.

What did Putin say in the case?

At the same time, Putin was asked what he wanted to say on Biden’s comment, then he said that it shows the history of America. Putin pointed to the history of slavery in the US and said, “Where does the Black Leaves Matter movement come from?” Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for Vladimir Putin on Joe Biden Comment, said that Biden’s remarks were extremely bad and he does not want to normalize the relationship. With this, he also talked about taking action.

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