Ruckus in Parliament after the change in the rules related to masks in America, but why are the leaders repeatedly taking the name of 'India'?

Ruckus in Parliament after the change in the rules related to masks in America, but why are the leaders repeatedly taking the name of ‘India’?

US Mask Rule: By changing the rules related to masks in America, it has now been said to be necessary even for people who have got the vaccine. Which was criticized a lot by a leader of the opposition party and opposed the rule and mentioned India.

Kevin McCarthy and Nancy Pelosi

Congressman Blames India’s Study Over New Mask Rule: In view of the increasing cases of corona virus in America, wearing a mask has been made mandatory once again. Since then there is a ruckus in the Parliament. A senior Republican leader has strongly criticized the ruling Democratic Party and the Center for Disease Control (CDC), saying the new rule is based on data related to India. In fact, the US government and the CDC have also made it mandatory for people who have had the vaccine to wear a mask under certain circumstances.

The government has changed its old decision, under which it was not mandatory for people to wear masks after getting the vaccine. But due to the delta variant of the corona virus, cases are increasing rapidly and even fully vaccinated people are getting infected. Due to which this decision has been taken after the advice of health officials. At the same time, Republican Party minority leader Kevin McCarthy spoke in the House of Representatives against the bill related to this rule, which proposes to implement a new rule related to masks.

Nancy Pelosi calls McCarthy ‘a fool’

McCarthy said that the CDC’s recommendations are based on a report that has not yet been prepared. However, he did not say which report he was talking about. Then, citing a conversation with the doctor of the House, he told that the report is based on the vaccine being implemented in India, which has not been approved in the US (US Government on Mask Rules). After which House Speaker Nancy Pelosi criticized the opposition leader and called him a ‘foolish’. But even then McCarthy did not remain silent, he said that this Indian report has not even been passed in peer review.

Other members of the party supported

He said, ‘The rule related to the mask is based on the study done in India, which has been done on the vaccine, which has not been approved by the US nor has been passed in peer review (Indian Study). Can this be the basis for keeping our schools closed?’ Later, other members of the party also agreed with McCarthy on social media. Republican MP Dan Crenshaw said, ‘The truth is that the data of America: a ‘game changer’ used by the CDC is based on the study of India. The study has been rejected in peer review. But still the CDC used it. Remember I said about losing our trust in public health officials. But the situation is getting worse.

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