Radical ex-judiciary chief Ibrahim Raisi sworn in in parliament, officially elected President of Iran

Radical ex-judiciary chief Ibrahim Raisi sworn in in parliament, officially elected President of Iran

Ebrahim Raisi: Ibrahim Raisi has been sworn in as the President of Iran in Parliament. He is considered very close to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. He is starting his term between the Iran nuclear deal and the deteriorating conditions of the country.

Ibrahim Raisi takes oath as President (Ebrahim Raisi Oath Ceremony)

Ebrahim Raisi Iran Oath Ceremony: Radical former judiciary chief Ibrahim Raisi was sworn in as the country’s president in Iran’s parliament on Thursday. The swearing-in ceremony took place at a time when Iran is caught between US sanctions and a sinking economy. Apart from this, there is a very bad situation in the country due to Corona virus and the talks on the nuclear deal have also come to a standstill. Raisi will now officially begin his four-year term on Tuesday.

Ibrahim Raisi is considered close to supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. He is now succeeding Hassan Rouhani, during whose two terms the nuclear deal was signed between Iran and six world powers in 2015. Talking about Raisi, he won the election on June 18 by getting a record vote. While many other presidential candidates were disqualified before the election.

Things worsened by a decision of Trump

Earlier, state TV had reported that during the swearing-in ceremony, traffic around Parliament would be suspended and flights would be suspended for two and a half hours (Ibrahim Raisi Iranian President). Information was given to do this in Tehran and other areas connected with it. Iran is facing an economic and social crisis after a decision by former US President Donald Trump. Trump unilaterally withdrew America from this nuclear deal in 2018. Along with this, strict sanctions were imposed on Iran.

Iran did not honor many commitments

In response, Iran also violated several commitments made in the agreement. This agreement was named JCPOA i.e. Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (Iran Nuclear Deal). At the same time, Raisi had said on Tuesday, ‘We believe that the economic condition of the people is not good, this is happening due to the enmity of our enemies and because of the shortcomings and problems inside the country.’ Iran has faced criticism from NATO and the European Union, including the US, Britain and Israel, since last week’s deadly attack on an Israeli oil tanker.

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